Will Travel Restrictions Stop People from Traveling this Spring Break?

Last Updated on February 17, 2021 by Greg Bessoni

parkingaccess.com surveyed over 100+ US travelers, to find out what their upcoming travel plans look like for Spring Break 2021, given the potential new travel requirements and/or restrictions proposed by the Biden Administration.

The survey we sent found that close to 40% of people are unphased by these potential travel restrictions and will be enjoying their Spring Break in 2021. However, roughly 20% said that, although they are passing on taking a trip this March/April, they will be taking a vacation in the Summer.

Nearly 45% of people are simply just going to wait it out and defer that vacation for a future date. There is no doubt the distribution of vaccines is encouraging however, many folks are going to play it safe.

We also asked the people who responded they were going on Spring Beach, where they plan to go. Out of the folks who did say they’re traveling this Spring Break, the majority appear to be staying local, as over 60% responded they were traveling somewhere Other than the Spring Break hot spots of Florida, Texas, Arizona, Mexico or the Caribbean. And just about 20% are actually flying out of the country to either Mexico or the Caribbean.

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