Top 3 online parking marketing websites/apps you need to join to grow your parking lot?

Airport Parking App

For parking lot owners, localized, in-person marketing certainly continues to hold value. However, online marketing is the key to keeping your lot on the radar of potential new customers. Aside from advertising your parking business on well-known travel sites, like Kayak and TripAdvisor, you’ll need to stay up-to-date with the latest apps being used to help travelers find parking in a pinch. Here are 3 top apps that you definitely won’t want to miss out in 2020:

Google Maps

It might seem like a no-brainer, but never underestimate the importance of Google Maps when it comes to pointing customers towards your parking lot. While some type A “planners” might be more inclined to download a parking app in advance, there are plenty of hurried travelers searching for a last-minute spot through their navigation system. Make sure your business is accurately labeled and easily accessible on Google Maps. By taking the time to do this simple step, you can catch a number of clients who might be circling the area at any given time in a frantic frenzy for open parking. If your lot already has a Google profile with reviews, make sure the address is accurate. Test drive using Google maps to ensure you’ll get the real-time traffic you want.

SpotHero & Parking Panda

Spot Hero is a popular app for commuters and vacationers looking for a parking deal. This top-rated app has a simple three-step process encouraging drivers to “look, book and mobile park.” Through the app, customers search parking rates and pre-pay to reserve a spot. If you’re traveling for work, Spot Hero lets you set up a business profile that connects with common reimbursement systems including Concur and Expense & Certify. It’s also compatible with WageWorks commuter benefits cards, so employees can pay for parking near work using pre-tax dollars. Another free app fueled by SpotHero is called ParkingPanda. ParkingPanda is especially adept at finding day-rates in cities. Choose the app that works best for your needs.

Park Whiz (BestParking & Park Whiz for Business)

BestParking uses one of the largest directories of parking lots and garages available. It’s powered by a successful company, Park Whiz. BestParking focuses on cities and areas near airports, providing customers with a list of options and current rates. Like most parking apps, BestParking gives discounts to customers who book parking in advance through their platform. Customers like how BestParking saves time and money by allowing them to book a space ahead of time for a lower rate than what’s usually available onsite.

About Airport Parking App

If your lot is located in a major city within the United States or Canada, you’ll definitely want to be signed up with BestParking in order to keep up with your competition. Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and Toronto are their most researched locations, but BestParking also covers other airports and cities beyond these hubs. While you’re at it, be sure to sign up for Park Whiz for Business. With 2 million customers and counting, you can’t go wrong. Make sure that anyone who is paying to park on route to a business meeting or conference gets the chance to consider your lot…especially if they’re parking on their company’s dime.

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