Lufthansa launches new mobile boarding pass via Passbook app

Passengers who own an iPhone can now retrieve their boarding passes for Lufthansa flights tickets. Lufthansa, Germany’s flagship airline carrier, just announced the launch of their app for the iPhone iOS 6.

Within a Lufthansa statement, the airline explained that with the app of, the flyers booking with Lufthansa would be able to get their boarding pass on their phones in the correct format.

Lufthansa also announced that their passengers can get their boarding pass issued on their iPhone going forward by accessing their Passbook.

Lufthansa also said, that once a guest has checked in via their mobile devise, their boarding pass could appear on their iPhone and saved to the new app. The main benefit of this is when a traveler is without wifi or Internet, the boarding pass is stored on their devise and can be accessed as long as the devise is powered up.

Lufthansa said that Passbook can access your geo-location and the time, the boarding pass would be available right before the boarding of their flight, for even greater convenience.

Access to your boarding pass via Passport is not 100% universals with airlines, in fact, Lufthansa is one of the first to implement this feature and their customers have responded very positively. We’d expect other airlines to follow the same path.

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