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Pulkovo Airport serves the citizens of Saint Petersburg, the second-largest city in Russia. It’s an international airport located 12.5 miles away from the city center. Travelers who are searching for a secure and affordable Pulkovo Airport parking spot can park in one of the several on-site parking areas. Keep reading for all the relevant information that will help you find suitable parking at LED.

  • P1 Multi-Storey Parking offers convenient parking near the airport terminal and covered parking spots that keep the vehicles safe from all weather conditions. It’s ideal for short trips and weekend getaways. The rate for the first 6 hours is RUB 1000, and the daily parking rate from Monday to Friday is RUB 800. On weekends, the daily cost is RUB 650 or €7.50.
  • P2 Short-Term Parking is an outdoor parking lot, perfect for drivers who are waiting for an arriving passenger or those coming to see someone off. The first 30 minutes of parking cost RUB 150, one hour is RUB 250, and the hourly parking rate afterward is RUB 200 or €2.30.
  • P4 Long-Term Parking provides the most cost-effective Pulkovo Airport parking spaces for extended stays and vacations. There’s also a free shuttle bus service between the P4 parking area and the terminal building. The maximum daily rate is RUB 400. If going on a week-long trip, the daily price will be RUB 243. After the first week, the cost is RUB 200 or €2.30 per day.
  • P13 Long-Term is also a surface parking structure designed for long stays. It’s been temporarily closed, so you should check before your trip whether it’s open if you want to park here. The first 6 hours of parking cost RUB 1000, and the maximum daily price is RUB 600. Passengers who need a 7-day parking space will pay RUB 343 per day, which is around €4.

If you’re coming to LED just to pick someone up or drop them off, you can wait right in front of the terminal door for up to 5 minutes. To reach this area, follow the New Terminal sign and then keep right for the Departures or left for the Arrivals.