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Hamburg Airport serves the second-largest city in Germany, Hamburg. HAM is 7 miles away from the city center, and the proximity to the downtown area makes transfers to the airport quick and smooth. Once you reach the airport, you’ll be able to choose from several Hamburg Airport parking facilities available on-site:

  • P1 Terminal Parking provides plenty of covered parking spaces in the parking garage placed only 150 meters from Terminal 1. Terminal Smart Parking is on the ground floor, while the rest is for Holiday Parking. Reservations aren’t necessary for P1, but if you pre-book your parking space, you can get a special weekly parking rate of only €39 — which is €5.60 per day.
  • P2 Terminal Parking is only 50 meters from the airport terminal building, and it offers reserved parking spots on 9 levels. It’s suitable for short-term parking. If you’re coming to collect an arriving passenger, the parking rate is €2 per 20 minutes during the first hour, after which you pay €3 per every 30 minutes. The maximum daily parking rate is €28.
  • P4 Terminal Parking is available on three levels right across from both airport terminals. The P4 parking structure is convenient for drivers coming to pick someone up or see them off, but it’s also great for weekend getaways. The hourly parking rates are the same as in the P2 parking facility. There’s an online weekend special that allows you to book a spot for €13 per day.
  • P5 Terminal Parking offers 8 levels of parking directly at Terminal 2. The rate is €2 per 20 minutes during the first hour and then €3 per 30 minutes. The maximum daily rate is €32, but there’s an online discount for those going on weekend trips. Make a parking reservation now to get a rate of €15 per day.
  • P8-9 Holiday Parking is the most suitable parking service for long-term parking. It’s around a mile away from the terminals, but a free shuttle service takes passengers to and from the facility. The rates are as follows: €2 for 20 minutes, €4 for up to 40 mins, €5 for 1 hour, and €22 for 24 hours. To get a special discounted price, pre-book your Hamburg Airport parking spot now!

Hamburg Airport provides electric vehicle charging stations on the departure level between Terminal 1 and Airport Plaza. It also has barrier-free parking areas in all parking garages for passengers with disabilities. Accessible parking at HAM is available on a first-come, first-served basis to all the passengers who own a disabled parking permit.