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EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg is near the tri-border area between Switzerland, France, and Germany. The closest city is Basel, Switzerland, and its city center is around 4 miles away from EuroAirport. This international airport serves millions of passengers each year and thus offers several on-site parking structures on both the Swiss and French sides.

1. Parking on the Swiss side:

  • S1 Terminal Car Park offers covered parking spots across from the terminal building. The parking rates are as follows: CHF 3,80 for the first 15 minutes, CHF 5,40 for up to 30 minutes, and then CHF 1 per every 15 mins during the next hour. The maximum daily rate is CHF 26.
  • S2 Terminal Zone is a minute from the airport terminal, right next to the S1 parking facility. The rates are a bit more affordable: CHF 3,20 for the first 15 minutes, CHF 4,80 for up to 30 mins, and then CHF 0,80 per every 15 mins during the next hour. The daily parking cost is CHF 24.
  • S12/S13 Proximity Zone is a 6-minute walk away from the terminal. The short-term parking prices are the same as in the S2 parking area, while the daily parking rate is CHF 22. It will be lower if you’re going on a week-long trip, and you’ll pay CHF 12 per day.
  • S4 Remote Parking provides plenty of outdoor parking spaces 8 minutes away from the terminal. It’s been temporarily closed, so you should check if it’s open before your trip. The rates are the same as in S12 and S13 lots. Long-term parking is available from CHF 11 per day.

2. Parking on the French side:

  • F1 Premium Parking is the most convenient but also expensive EuroAirport parking service. It’s a minute away from the terminal. The rate is €2,60 for the first 15 minutes and then €1,20 per every 15 mins during the next 75 mins. The maximum daily parking rate is €25.
  • F4 Car Park offers a covered parking area 4 minutes from the terminal. Not only will your car be weather-protected, but you’ll also get lower rates. The maximum daily cost is €18, and 4 days of parking cost €45. If you stay for a week, the rate will be around €9 per day.
  • F3 Proximity Car Park is a 3-minute walk from the terminal area. It’s suitable for both short and extended stays. The parking for the first 15 minutes is €1,50 and then €1 per 15 mins during the next 75 mins. The first day is €18. Stay for a week and pay €8.75 per day.
  • F5 and F6 have the same rates and provide the cheapest EuroAirport parking on the French side. Both parking structures are several minutes from the terminal. The short-term rates are the same as in F3. Long-term parking rates in these parking lots start at €7.50 per day.

Both sides of EuroAirport have an Express Car Park right in front of the terminal entrance, which is perfect for picking passengers up or dropping them off. These lots offer 20 minutes of free parking.

Accessible parking spaces are available at the Express Zone and S1 parking facility on the Swiss side. When it comes to the French side, all EuroAirport parking structures have disabled parking spots. Standard parking rates apply.

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