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Auckland Airport is New Zealand’s largest airport that serves over 20 million passengers per year! AKL is a 20-minute drive away from the Auckland city center. The airport offers several convenient on-site parking services, and our guide will cover each option. You’ll also learn more about off-airport parking lots and hotel parking availability.

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Auckland Airport Parking

The airport provides a variety of public parking options, which is great since any passenger can find a spot that fits their budget and needs. Listed are all Auckland Airport parking facilities, and the map shows the location of each AKL car park.

  • Valet Parking
  • Short-Term Domestic (O, S, M, R)
  • Long-Term Domestic (L & K)
  • Short-Term International (A)
  • Long-Term International (E)
  • Park & Ride (located North) Auckland Airport Parking Map

Valet Parking

Auckland Airport offers convenient valet service at both airport terminals. At Domestic Terminal, the valet pick-up/drop-off is next to the covered short-term parking facility, and it’s marked in purple (R) on the map. The purple Va/Vb shows the valet spots for the International Terminal.

Airport passengers can choose between an uncovered and covered parking area. Covered valet parking prices are as follows: $66 for 1 day, $128 for 2 days, $177 for 3 days, $259 for 5 days. If you choose the uncovered area, rates will be slightly lower. After the 5th day, the daily rate is $39.

Short-Term Parking

There are several Auckland Airport parking structures designed for short stays. Domestic terminal’s lots O and S are uncovered, Lot R is covered, while Lot M offers both features. The short-stay parking lot A at International Terminal isn’t covered. The prices vary, and you can see the drive-up rates for each parking structure in our list below.

Time Short Term O/S Short Term M Short Term R Short Term A
0 - 10 mins $2 $2 $11 $3
10 - 15 mins $4.50 $6 $11 $5
20 - 30 mins $7 $7 $11 $7
30 - 45 mins $10 $12 $12 $11
45 - 60 mins $11 $14 $14 $12
60 - 75 mins $13 $16 $16 $14
1st day $50 $52 $54 $48
2 days $82 $95 $99 $78
3 days $109 $135 $143 $105
Subsequent days +$25 per day +$35 per day +$36 per day +$25 per day

Long-Term Parking

The long-stay parking areas at Auckland Airport are a short walk away from the terminals. There are three such lots and all offer outdoor parking spots. Lots L and K are for Domestic Terminal, while Lot E is for International Terminal passengers. The rates differ based on the lot; check out the drive-up long-term prices in our list below.

Time Long Term L Long Term K Long Term E
0 - 10 mins $4 $2 $2
10 - 15 mins $4 $4 $2
20 - 30 mins $6 $6 $4
45 - 60 mins $10 $10 $9.50
90 - 120 mins $18 $19 $18
1st day $43 $46 $45
2 days $61 $76 $77
3 days $76 $92 $99
Subsequent days +$16 per day +$17 per day +$21 per day

Park & Ride

The Park & Ride lot is the most economical option and thus ideal for budget travelers. It’s the farthest option from the terminal building, but a free shuttle bus runs daily between the Domestic Terminal and the economy parking lot. The AKL shuttle operates from 6 AM to 11 PM.

The first 30 minutes of parking cost $5, and then you pay $7 for up to 1 hour, $11 for up to 2 hours, and $4 per additional hour. The maximum daily rate for the first day is $32. If you park for 3 days, your daily rate will be $15! After the fourth day of parking, the price is only $10 per day.

NOTE: All listed AKL rates are drive-up prices, and you can significantly reduce your expenses if you make a reservation in advance! For example, if you reserve an Auckland Airport parking space, you can get a weekly parking price of $95, which means that your daily cost will be around $13.50. This is the price for Lot S; check the first list to see how much money you’re going to save by pre-booking.

Accessible parking

Any passenger that has a disabled parking permit/placard may use handicapped parking spots. They are available on the forecourt of the International Terminal and in front of the Domestic Terminal, as well as in the short-term car parks M, R, and A. Standard parking rates apply to ADA parking at Auckland Airport.

Off-Site Auckland Airport Parking

We compare off-site and on-airport Auckland Airport parking, so you don’t have to, saving you time and money and making your decision where to park much easier.

Passengers flying out of AKL have so many options! In addition to the on-site parking service (and Park & Ride), there are several off-site lots with competitive rates and shuttles to Auckland Airport. We’ve listed the best off-airport parking companies and their rates; check them out to find the one that meets your requirements.

The weekly rate in the first three facilities is $40, which makes your daily cost around $5.70. The other two lots offer flat daily rates of $7. The total cost includes Auckland Airport shuttle service to and from the terminal.

Some hotels provide great Park Sleep & Fly parking deals! Leave your car in the lot provided by Holiday Inn Auckland Airport or Auckland Airport Lodge and get a good night’s sleep before your flight to get 14 to 21 days of free parking! Don’t hesitate to check out their websites for additional information.

Off-Site Parking is Almost Always the Best Value?

Off-airport parking lots are certainly the best choice when it comes to Auckland Airport parking. Passengers have many choices that start at only $5 per day! Additionally, travelers who have planned on booking a hotel room can get 2 or 3 weeks of complimentary parking if they choose one of the two above-mentioned Auckland hotels. So, if searching for overnight parking at AKL, choose one of the off-site options and make a reservation now to get the best price!

Parking Access covers countless airports and provides travelers with helpful information and money-saving tips. You can check out our guides to Brisbane Airport, Melbourne Airport, and Sydney Airport Parking; most passengers at AKL choose these destinations for their flights. If you need a spot at any other airport or even cruise port, be sure to look it up on our website!

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