Holiday Inn Express, Miami Cruiseport

Holiday Inn Express, Miami Cruiseport

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9.9 miles from POM
8 Days Free Parking
8436 NW 36th St, Doral, FL, US



The Holiday Inn Express near Miami Cruise Port stands out as a prime choice for travelers embarking on a cruise from Miami. This hotel has garnered attention and praise from various travelers, including Eric and Jessica, who reminisced about their first cruise in 2010 and highlighted the convenience of staying near the cruise port. The hotel's proximity to essential amenities, such as CVS, and its offerings, including a free shuttle to the cruise port, make it a top consideration for those seeking a seamless pre-cruise experience.

Travelers on platforms like TripAdvisor and Reddit have frequently inquired about the best accommodations near the Miami Cruise Port, emphasizing the importance of shuttle services, parking, and overall convenience. The Holiday Inn Express has been mentioned multiple times as a reliable and comfortable option, with guests appreciating its strategic location and the added value of loyalty rewards programs for repeat visitors.

Moreover, the hotel's reputation for cleanliness, safety, and affordability without compromising on quality makes it a standout choice for both leisure and business travelers. Whether it's a pre-cruise stay or a business trip, guests have found the Holiday Inn Express to offer a consistent and satisfying experience, as evidenced by positive reviews across various travel forums and YouTube channels.

In summary, the Holiday Inn Express near Miami Cruise Port is highly recommended for its strategic location, comprehensive amenities, and the trust it has built among travelers over the years. Its commitment to providing a comfortable and convenient stay, coupled with positive testimonials from past guests, positions it as a top choice for anyone looking to start their cruise journey on the right note.

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8436 NW 36th St, Doral, FL, US
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Requestable Bedding Types
1 King Bed, 2 Queen Beds
Shuttle Frequency
Shuttle Hours
Shuttle to cruiseport is available at $12 per person one way.
Transfer Time
Free Parking
8 Days
Additional Parking
$5.00 Per Additional Day
Parking Notes
Parking Information
Self Park Uncovered
Check-In Time
Check-Out Time
Occupancy Type
2 Adults
Minimum Age
21+ years
Non-Smoking Hotel
Handicap Accessible
Courtesy Phone

Google Reviews

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Rooms are a little out of date but service is great. A short ride about 15 min from Miami airport. They do have free shuttle bus but the last one from MIA ends at 9pm.
Shaya B.
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I recently stayed at this hotel and was thoroughly impressed by the offerings, especially at the price point. The great value is undeniable with nice clean rooms furnished adequately for business travelers.

Each room comes with a big comfortable chair and desk, making it easy to stay on top of work tasks.

On the first floor, there are additional seating arrangements with tables, desk lamps, and outlets, creating a conducive environment for business.

The free shuttle service to the airport is a fantastic convenience, coupled with its proximity to the Miami airport, making transit less stressful.

The complimentary free breakfast is a pleasant bonus, providing a good start to the day.

I also appreciated the outdoor setup with comfortable chairs and tables next to the pool, offering a relaxed yet professional setting for conducting business.

The ambiance around the pool area provides a refreshing change of scenery for work, blending leisure with professionalism seamlessly.
Petulia Clarke
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Room was clean, staff was pleasant and helpful, breakfast was plentiful and there’s a variety, there’s free coffee in the lobby all day, plus a Keurig in your room. Room was very nice and clean, with all the essentials for my stay. Plenty of towels, comfortable bed, etc. Maid service early and on point. Absolutely no complaints.

There are sodas and other beverages available for purchase in the lobby. Also shopping in walking distance— Ross, Marshalls, Panda Express; and Walmart, Sams Club, Office Depot just a short drive down the road.

Area is quiet and safe, residents are super nice, stores are very clean.

Hotel shuttle was available at the time of my stay (although I missed the shuttle from the airport because I trusted reviews on here that led me to believe it wasn’t operational. Sigh). Shuttle is free and working, and I was able to book it back to the airport.

It was all in all a very good experience. Pool could use some cleaning but I never used the pool. Would definitely visit again.
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