All About Parking in Bethesda, MD

Whether you’re visiting or moving to Bethesda or just starting to drive and want to learn more about parking in the area, you’re in the right place. The Parking Access team will provide information about on-street parking regulations, public county garages, handicapped parking spaces, and parking at nearby airports. Use our tips to find free parking in Bethesda, MD, or learn how to save your time and money!

Street Parking in Bethesda, MD

If you need a spot in the downtown area for an hour or two, simply find the nearest on-street parking stall. Bethesda parking meters are in effect from 9 AM to 10 PM Monday through Saturday, and the rate is $2.25 per hour. Using metered parking spaces is free of charge on Sundays and national holidays.

How To Avoid or Pay Bethesda Parking Tickets

Reading the signs and meters is crucial in avoiding pricey tickets, so don’t forget to check them before you park. Most downtown streets have time limits of one or two hours, and the county prohibits feeding the meter beyond posted payment hours. Should you have any issues or come across a broken meter, reach out to the Division of Parking Management at 240-777-8740. If you already received a Bethesda parking citation, pay the ticket online, by mail, by phone, or in person at the Parking Sales Store.

Street Parking in Bethesda

Parking Garages in Bethesda, MD

If you search for a longer-term parking space, it would be best to park in one of the Montgomery County parking facilities. Bethesda offers plenty of covered parking garages and surface lots, so you won’t have an issue finding a suitable spot with conveniently located pay stations nearby. To assist you, we looked into all the garages to discover 2022 parking rates—check out the following list.

Parking Garage Address Hourly Parking Fee
Cordell/St. Elmo Garage 4935 St. Elmo Avenue $1.75
Waverly Garage 7401 Waverly Street $1.75
Bethesda/Elm Garage 4841 Bethesda Avenue $1.75
Woodmont Corner Garage 7730 Woodmont Avenue $1.50
Capital Crescent Garage 7171 Woodmont Avenue $1.50
Woodmont/Rugby Garage 8216 Woodmont Avenue $1.50
Auburn/Del Ray Garage 4910 Auburn Avenue $1.50
Cheltenham Garage 4720 Cheltenham Drive $1.50
Metropolitan Garage 7601 Woodmont Avenue $1.50

How Much Is Parking in Surface Lots?

Parking in downtown Bethesda is ample, so—in addition to the listed garages—there are nearly a dozen public parking lots in addition to the listed garages. The short-term parking cost is $2 per hour in all lots, and you can find them on the following streets:

  • Cordell Avenue
  • Leland Street
  • Highland Avenue
  • Middleton Lane
  • Woodmont Avenue
  • West Virginia Avenue
  • Arlington Road

Some of these lots provide free weekend parking. You can also get a daily parking permit for only $20 per month; learn more about it here.

ADA Parking in Bethesda

Any person in need of a wheelchair-accessible parking service will easily find a convenient spot in downtown Bethesda. As long as you display a valid disabled parking placard, you can park in an ADA spot in any garage or outdoor parking area. Garages offer more accessible spaces than surface lots, but you can also park at any metered spot for double the time limit. Also, vehicles with valid handicapped parking tags can park at metered spots free of charge! Standard rates in garages and lots apply to both general and accessible stalls.

EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicle drivers have several options for parking in downtown Bethesda; seven parking garages offer Level 2 chargers:

  • Old Georgetown Rd. & Woodmont Ave. Garage 11
  • Woodmont Ave. & Bethesda Ave. Garage 31
  • Woodmont Ave. & Rugby Ave. Garage 35
  • Del Ray Ave. & Cheltenham Dr. Garage 36
  • Old Georgetown Rd. & Cordell Ave. Garage 40
  • Montgomery Ave. & Elm St. Garage 47
  • Bethesda Ave. & Arlington Rd. Garage 57

The cost is $0.13/kWh, plus the standard parking rate.

Hotels in Bethesda, MD, With Free Parking

If you’re a first-time visitor searching for a hotel in Bethesda with free parking, we’ll help you find the most suitable accommodation! The downtown area is low on hotels, and several of them charge for parking, even if you’re a guest. American Inn of Bethesda is the only property in the area with free parking, so if this feature is your top priority, this 3-star hotel is your go-to choice.

Find Parking at Nearby Airports

The closest airports to Bethesda are Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Dulles International Airport, and BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport. If you plan on flying out of any of them, Parking Access will help you find the most convenient overnight parking for a reasonable price. Click on one of the following links for additional information on on-site and off-site parking services and rates.

Why Parking Access


  • Is street parking free in Bethesda?

It’s free on Sundays and state holidays, as well as daily for vehicles with valid handicap tags or other special parking placards.

  • How much is off-street parking in Bethesda, MD?

Rates in nine public parking garages start at $1.50 per hour, while the fee in all surface lots is $2.00 per hour.

  • How do I pay for a parking ticket in Bethesda, MD?

You can make payment online, by mail, by calling 240-453-0113, or in person at the Parking Sales Store.

Bottom Line + Helpful Tips

Finding a reasonably-priced parking space in Bethesda is painless. The best short-term option is a metered space, especially for those who have a handicap placard—they are entitled to free parking! Off-street parking structures offer decent hourly rates, and some of them may even have early bird discounts, so be sure to check if you come early in the morning. 

Peruse the signs if you park on an unknown street, and pay attention to the type of payment if you opt for an off-street parking structure. If you’re searching for an alternative to driving, consider taking a Metro bus or train; you can also use the Bethesda Circulator to travel around the town free of charge! Whatever you choose, you’ll be able to get around without any hassle.

To learn more about carpool parking permits or get a parking convenience sticker, look into MCDOT’s Parking Permits.

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