Top 7 Cheapest Parking Fees at US Airports

Cheapest airport parking fees

So you have an upcoming flight and you’re forced to drive and park at the airport because none of your friends or family members can drive you and Uber would be too expensive. We understand your pain. But if you’re flying out of one of these US Airports, rest assured you’re saving a bundle compared … Read more

Our Online Travel Company is Running a Giveaway!

By Greg Hayes Updated Jan 5, 2019 Parking Access, LLC is an online travel company that owns and operates, and  We offer travelers in-depth reviews on ground transportation, parking as well as cheap flight deals.  When you reserve from our websites we may earn a commission.  Enter once for a chance to … Read more


There are many blog posts and articles on the Internet about how to fly for free.  But none that explore ways to park for free at the airport when you’re flying.  Why not? Good question.  We know it’s a very expensive bill when you return from a 10 day cruise or 2 weeks in Paris. … Read more

Lufthansa launches new mobile boarding pass via Passbook app

Passengers who own an iPhone can now retrieve their boarding passes for Lufthansa flights tickets. Lufthansa, Germany’s flagship airline carrier, just announced the launch of their app for the iPhone iOS 6. Within a Lufthansa statement, the airline explained that with the app of, the flyers booking with Lufthansa would be able to get their boarding … Read more

10 Airport parking locations that accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are beginning to show up in many retail and online stores as a form of payment in the United States and around the world. will be covering top news and tips revolving around the cryptocurrency infiltration of the travel industry. In this post, I outline the airport parking lots that … Read more