EZ Park Airport Parking Review (STL)

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  • Parking Lot Name: EZ PARKING 
  • Address: 4531 Crestsire Ln, Saint Ann, MO 63074
  • Date of Review:8/26/19
  • By: Lakeshia 

Lot Review Summary (1 out of 5 stars): 5

EZ Airport Parking Enterance

The Bottom Line: 

EZ Parking lot is located close by Interstate 70. The parking lot is also close to local hotels that surround the parking lot as well.  Continue reading further to get my complete EZ Park Airport Parking STL Review.

The driver was prompt at picking me up from the lot along with dropping me off at the departure areas. The very helpful and courteous staff both entering and exiting the parking lot. I was also given a business card with my parking space and number written on it. It also had information on the card for pick up service.

EZ Park Shuttle Bus Boarding

There was a long wait and a bit of crowd when going back to the parking lot. It wasn’t clear on where to stand to wait for the shuttle and there were not any shuttle buses waiting outside either. 

The shuttle bus finally arrives almost 10-15 minutes later. However, the friendly staff made up for the trouble of the long wait and the unclear waiting site for the shuttle bus. The drive to and from the airport was quick and I arrived safely in my car. My car had not been tampered with and nothing was missing.


The driver gives you a card with where you parked your car.-Very low daily rate.-Very large parking lot. -The staff and drivers were friendly.


It an uncovered lot, so this may not be an ideal spot for parking during bad weather seasons ie snow, hail storms, etc.

Operation Hours:  

24 hours of operation. Employees are there 24 hours/7 days a week.

Arrival Info: 

There were two main entrances to the lot. There is one main exit for customers to leave. The Parking lot is located right beside of the Drury Inn hotel heading west. There is also an ease of driving to the next lot if there weren’t any desired available spots. 

Ticketing information:

Ticketing information was simple and easy. To receive your ticket, simply press the button and place your ticket in a secure and safe place. You will need this same ticket to exit as well. You can only pay with a debit /card only at this parking lot. This parking lot ONLY provides self-parking. 


Immediately after choosing parking type, the shuttle bus was pulling up and I  was greeted by the driver.  He also conveniently had an umbrella as well as assisted customers with their bags. The shuttle was clean and tidy. It was a quick and smooth ride to and from the airport. The air conditioner was on turned up on high which was perfect for the humid yet rainy weather. The first shuttle pulled up and immediately drove off giving no one time to get picked up.

EZ Park Interior of Shuttle Bus

 The shuttle putting customers up was a very long wait time. It was almost a 30-minute wait. Once the shuttle had arrived in the parking lot, I was dropped off right where my car was. The drive back was 5-7 minutes each way. The customer seemed to be tipping the drivers from $2-5. I did notice that the buses were not handicap accessible. 

Lot Amenities: 

Not many amenities with this parking lot. The Parking lot is uncovered, which is something to take in consideration because of snow, hail and other harsh weather conditions. There is a covered waiting area for the customer to sit and wait for the shuttle.

EZ Park Parking Lot Views


The lot is easy to find with it being located on the west side across the street from the Dury Inn hotel. -The parking that itself is very large in size.- It’s not a covered lot but it is fenced and one level. 

There seemed to be no one walking around like security or workers to ensure the safety of the customer’s vehicles. -This parking lot ONLY offers self-service parking. -This parking lot also only takes debit/credit cards. 


The parking lot is good for $9.00/day. I did enjoy the thought of getting dropped off right at my car, the business card to dial in for pick up assistance, and luggage assistance.

Great for a budget traveler and very close to the airport. If you are looking for a place to just park your car and not looking for anything special, this would be an ideal place to park your car. The parking lot didn’t offer anything special outside of the amazing staff. 

Parking Lot Name (STL)ScorePrice $Type
The Parking Spot100%$$$(Un)/Covered ValetReview
EZ Park Airport Parking98%$$Self-ParkReview
Skypark Airport Parking97%$$Self-Park/ValetReview

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