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Navigating parking at Walt Disney World can be a complex but essential part of planning your magical visit. Whether you’re a day guest looking to explore the parks or a resort guest taking advantage of complimentary parking benefits, understanding the ins and outs of Disney’s parking system is key to a smooth experience. Recent updates have made parking more accessible and guest-friendly, with standard self-parking being complimentary for day guests at select experiences across the resort. Additionally, Disney Resort hotel guests continue to enjoy free standard parking at the theme parks, enhancing the value of staying on property.

For those seeking a bit more luxury or convenience, valet parking services, operated by a third-party, are available at an increased price at resort hotels. Meanwhile, innovative hacks and tips shared by seasoned Disney enthusiasts, such as parking for free at Disney Springs and utilizing the resort’s transportation system, can add both savings and efficiency to your visit.

With parking lot trams returning to enhance accessibility and reduce wait times, and the introduction of parking lot improvements and hacks, Disney World is striving to make your visit as hassle-free as possible. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned annual pass holder, staying informed about the latest parking policies and tips can significantly enhance your Disney World adventure.

How Much Are Disney World Tickets?

  • Walt Disney World official website: Self-parking is $36 per night, and valet parking is $44 per night.
  • Standard parking for cars or motorcycles is $30 per day.
  • Magic Guides: Standard parking for non-registered Guests is $30, while preferred parking ranges from $45-$55 per day.
  • Mouse Hacking: Standard parking is $30 per day, while preferred parking ranges from $45-$55 per day.
  • WDW Prep School: Valet parking costs $33 per day at every resort except for the Star Wars hotel.

Based on expertise in this field, appears to offer the cheapest standard parking rate at $30 per day for cars or motorcycles.

Walt Disney World Parking in a Nutshell

Visitor parking at Walt Disney World includes multiple surface parking lots located near all theme parks. Some are huge, such as the Discover, Wonder, or Micky Lot, while smaller parking areas are also available near various points of interest. Based on your vehicle, preferences, or budget, you can choose one of the following services and options:

  • Standard Parking—available in all Disney World visitor lots;
  • Preferred Parking—close to the theme park entrances;
  • Oversized Vehicle Parking—suitable for shuttles, limos, buses, trailers, and RVs;
  • Electric Vehicle Parking—available in parking areas at Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs, and a couple of resorts: Coronado Springs and Wilderness Lodge;
  • Disney World Resort Parking—all guests staying at Disney hotel resorts are eligible for free or paid parking.

The photo below is taken in the Discover lot by EPCOT. Keep reading to find out the daily parking fees!

Discover Parking At Disney World
Discover Parking At Disney World

How Much Is Parking at Disney World Theme Parks?

A daily parking pass is valid at all Disney theme parks—Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. The Disney World parking cost in 2022 varies based on the service. General parking spots are the most affordable, but you may end up far from the entrance, while preferred parking spaces are closer and thus pricier.

Disney World Parking Service Daily Fee
Standard Parking $25
Shuttle/Limo/Bus/RV Parking  $30
Preferred Parking $45–$50

The entertainment complex also offers designated parking stalls for visitors with disabilities. Accessible parking is available at multiple locations throughout Disney World—standard parking rates apply. Each visitor must present a disabled parking placard.

Overnight Self-Parking at Disney Resorts

Overnight parking at Disney World Resort hotels varies from $15 to $25, depending on the resort. While free parking is available at the Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, any guest at another resort has to pay the following Disney Resort parking fee.

  • $15 per night: Disney’s All-Star Movies Resorts, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, and Disney’s Pop Century Resort;
  • $20 per night: Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, Disney’s Port Orleans Resorts, and The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort;
  • $25 per night: It applies at twenty other resorts, including Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, Contemporary Resort, Polynesian Village Resort, and Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa.
  • $33 per night: Valet parking is the most expensive service, and it’s available for guests who may need assistance and own a valid disability parking permit.

Helpful Parking Tips for Disney World Guests

The best time to visit Disney World is usually on weekdays, especially during fall. If possible, avoid weekends and national holidays since they attract a lot of visitors. You should also check the calendar to discover Disney World hours for any theme park and arrive as early as possible.

We discovered a few additional ways to save time or money—go through our list of top five Disney World parking tips!

Tip #1: Buy a Disney Annual Pass

Disney’s Annual Passes let you enjoy the magic and explore the Disney parks all year long. Each pass includes admission to at least one theme park during one year and standard parking. Frequent visitors with annual passes will also get up to  20% off select merchandise and dining options.

Tip #2: Enjoy a Resort Dining Experience

If you plan to enjoy a meal at any Disney Resort, you’ll get a few hours of complimentary parking. Upon arriving at the gate, inform the staff of your dinner reservation, and they’ll give you a free parking pass. After the meal, make use of free Disney transportation to any park and enjoy the rides!

Tip #3: Park at Disney Springs for Free

Thanks to free buses running throughout the resort, you can park at Disney Springs and take a bus to any theme park. Several parking facilities offer free Disney Springs Parking, and Disney buses provide complimentary rides to and from the area. Note that this option will take more time, so if you’re searching for a time-efficient option, consider other services.

Tip #4: Stay at a Nearby Hotel With Parking

If you plan to stick around for a few days, opt for one of the resorts with lower parking rates or the one site with no charges: The Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. In addition to complimentary parking, the resort provides a full camping experience and a lot of fun! It’s 5 miles away from Disney World, and you can take a free shuttle to the parks.

Tip #5: Always Check Disney’s Special Deals

The Walt Disney Company has a Special Offers page that lists all of their current deals that you might find helpful and cost-effective. Check it out before your trip to discover how to save hundreds of dollars on hotel rooms or theme park tickets. Note that there is no free parking at Disney World with AAA passes, but members can receive other special discounts.

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