NOLA Airport Parking Review (MSY)

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Parking Lot Name: Nola Airport Parking

Address: 1601 Airline Drive, Kenner LA

Date of Review: 7/31/19

By: Andrew Doughty

NOLA Airport Parking Lot Review Summary: 2 out of 5 Stars

  • Shuttle: 3 out of 5
  • Staff: 2 out of 5
  • Facility: 2 out of 5
  • Location: 3 out of 5
  • Ease to Find: 1 out of 5

The Bottom Line: 

The facility is small and hard to find. It is in a niche on Airline drive down the road from the airport. It is also packed, dated, and very confusing. The manager helps run the shuttles, which are vans, and can be very rude. The rest of the staff seems to be polite enough. The entire experience when I came into the lot to the moment I left though was not very pleasant. The entrances are an old bumpy asphalt road that needs some TLC. It is overgrown with weeds and grass so that it looks abandoned and you question whether it is the entrance to a legitimate business or you’re about to enter into a Stephen King novel. When you enter the gate there is a man that directs you into the lot. And towards the office. When there you will decide upon covered or normal parking. The is packed to the gills with vehicles and there’s almost no room to navigate your vehicle. Once they give you a ticket for your spot you have to go fin it to park. You ride in their shuttle, the minivans they have parked out front. They are relatively clean and taken care of. The manager also acts as a driver. Once you are done with your shuttle ride and back in the lot you pay for the time you spent there. There are no hourly rates here or any such thing. You must pay for an entire day. The price is also dependent on your type of vehicle and whether you pay for covered parking or uncovered.  


It has covered parking.-The lot is open 24/7.-There is a valet service. 


A manager who comes off as very unhelpful and rude.-The lot is packed and congested to the point that makes it difficult to navigate through.-It is very confusing and hard to find.-Needs to be completely redone, rather than just a facelift.  

Operation Hours: 

The lot is open 24/7 and will have shuttles available to pick you up the entire time. though you might have to call and have them drive to you rather than having someone that runs regular routes like the other lots in the area.  

Arrival Info: 

NOLA Airport Parking from the Street

The entrance was hard to spot and seemed rundown when first entering. The entrance is covered in old grass and weeds. Everything looks rusted and worn down. The building looks like it is a renovated service station rather than a building that is built and made for airport parking. It did not put a good foot forward when coming in. The lot is also so packed and there are no instructions on where to go or check-in. You have to go to the office to check-in, then they will show you where they have available locations to park and you will be given a ticket to the park. After that, they will drive you and any other passengers to the airport. 

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NOLA Airport Parking Shuttle Pickup

The shuttles are mini-vans rather than true shuttle buses. The driver does help load and unloads luggage. Depending on traffic and conditions it could take 15 to 45 minutes to get to the airport according to the driver. They seem to be well taken care of and were a bright spot on an otherwise dark adventure. Of course, being how they are you could find yourself squinched in between others if there is an overflow of passengers. Drivers will pick you up at the office then take you directly to the airport and vice versa. Drivers are usually tipped a few dollars after delivering passengers.  

NOLA Airport Parking Entrance and Sign

Lot Amenities: 

There are not many amenities to speak of, though they do offer covered parking and even valet service. Of course, these services cost a bit extra when compared to the other lots. In general, the lots of amenities do not put it above or even on par with the other locations in the area. 


The facility is old and repurposed. It seems to run down and very unsettling when first entering. It does have some lights and cameras but does not seems to have very good coverage with what they do have. In general, the facility just does not seem suited for the purpose to which it is being used. Upon entering and exiting everything seemed to be simply rundown and in need a major upgrade.  


The experience from start to finish was not the best overall. From the get-go, I did not feel that my belongings or my vehicle would be safe here. It is simply rundown and I would not be surprised if the cameras and lights do not completely work. Between the rude reception, the prices, which come out nearly the same as the other lots, there was just not a very good presentation put forth by NOLA Parking. It is most definitely a small-time operation. If you are simply looking for a parking spot and do not care about service or security then this is the place for you. The entire operation needs to be looked over by the owner. The main redeeming quality was that, besides the manager, the rest of the staff was extremely polite and welcoming. There is something to say for that but I do not feel it can justify the rest of the problems this lot has. Should you be choosing to park int the area, I would choose this as a last resort. Simply put, it just is not a good bargain for the price when you have other lots in the area that are much better in all aspects.

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