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Target Center, a multi-purpose venue in Minneapolis, hosts diverse private and public events, including concerts, shows, and basketball games. It’s home to the NBA Minnesota Timberwolves and the WNBA Minnesota Lynx. The address is 600 First Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55403, and the area offers an array of event parking services. Parking Access will list all the options and help you find the most suitable Target Center parking spot in the vicinity! Discover the Minnesota Timberwolves parking rates, low-cost downtown parking lots, nearby bars, and transportation alternatives. Use our hot tips to save time and reduce expenses!

Target Center Parking Options

Tens of thousands of parking spots are available in downtown Minneapolis, and many of them offer easy access to Target Center. The venue suggests using Parkmobile to pre-book a spot in Ramp A, B, or C, which are the most popular choices, as well as Hawthorne Ramp. The list below offers all the relevant information regarding these facilities, including prices and locations.

Parking Option Address Event Rate Walking Distance
Ramp A  101 N 9th St. $12 2 minutes
Ramp B 516 N 2nd Ave. $12 4 minutes
Ramp C 318 N 2nd Ave. $12 7 minutes
Hawthorne Ramp 31 N 9th St. $10 4 minutes
Target Center Parking Map, Source: Event Tickets Center

Another reliable platform for parking reservations is Vivid Seats! It covers most Minnesota Timberwolves games and offers secure, budget-friendly parking deals.

Official Parking Reservations at Stadiums

Accessible Parking

The most convenient parking facility for guests with disabilities is the Target Center Parking Ramp A or B. In addition to the car parking pass, a disabled parking permit or placard is required. After you park the vehicle, enter the venue on the skyway level. The arena also has a designated ADA pick-up/drop-off zone, which is placed at the corner of 1st Avenue and 6th Street.

Bus Parking

Basketball fans who search for bus parking have to book a spot ahead of time by calling 612-339-7557 between 8 AM and 4 PM. Reserve parking at least 24 hours in advance to pay $25. Otherwise, the event parking spot for oversized vehicles will be $50.

Minnesota Timberwolves Parking Near Target Center

The Mayo Clinic Square Ramp is right across the street from the arena, but its event rate is around $30, so we recommend going a little farther. We’ll assist you in finding the most affordable parking space by providing a list of reasonably-priced lots and parking ramps near Target Center. Go through the list below or look into Target Field Parking to see all the options for Minnesota Timberwolves parking in the vicinity.

Parking Facility Address Average Event Rate Walking Distance
Ramada Lot 41 N 10th St. $5 5 minutes
Orpheum Theatre Lot 1022 Hennepin Ave.  $5 6 minutes
US Bancorp Center Garage 811 Lasalle Ave. $6 6 minutes
Hennepin 10th Ramp Garage 935 Hennepin Ave.  $7 6 minutes
RSM Plaza Garage 800 S Marquette Ave. $8 9 minutes
PwC Plaza Garage 35 S 7th St. $10 4 minutes

In addition to downtown parking structures, the city offers plenty of on-street parking spaces throughout the area. If you have enough time to search for it or are lucky to come across one, be sure to check the signs and park properly to avoid parking tickets!

Tailgating Information + Best Bars in the Area

All tailgating activities are prohibited in the Target Center parking ramps. Minnesota Timberwolves fans can either search for a third-party parking lot farther from the arena or hit the bars. To help you come to a decision, we looked into the most popular pubs and bars in the area—here are the best-rated places:

Transportation to Target Center

Metro Transit allows Minneapolis residents and visitors to get to the downtown area without any hassle! Blue and Green light rail lines, as well as several bus lines, offer easy access to Target Center. Metro Transit also has a special Downtown Zone fare of just 50¢. Check out the website for more info or call 612-373-3333. If you plan to travel to the city with a couple of friends, requesting an Uber ride might be the best choice! Pick-ups and drop-offs occur at the corner of 1st Avenue and 6th Street.


  • Where do I park for Target Center events?

The arena suggests Ramps A, B, and C, which are located within easy walking distance, but there are plenty of other lots and street spots in the area.

  • How much is the parking at Target Center?

Rates vary based on the event, but the standard parking price for Minnesota Timberwolves games is $12 in the nearby decks.

  • Where is the best place to park at the Target Center?

Ramps A and B are the most convenient. If you wish to lower the costs, go for one of the lots in the vicinity, such as the Orpheum Theatre Lot or Ramada Lot. Both have a $5 event rate.

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