How Long Does It Take for a Parking Ticket To Turn Into a Warrant?

Unpaid parking tickets lead to additional fines, towing, or the inability to renew your car’s registration. However, failing to appear for your court date may result in an arrest warrant. There’s no specific time frame for its issuance, though; it depends on the circumstances and city regulations. Call the city parking department or check the official … Read more

Alexandria Parking Tickets

Alexandria VA Parking Tickets

A parking ticket is what any driver tries to steer clear of whenever they use street parking services. However, it still happens, and we offer all the Alexandria public parking information you need to avoid parking tickets or to dispute if you get one. Additionally, you’ll discover the city parking restrictions, locations of the best … Read more

Cambridge Parking Ticket Guide (Plus tips on how to fight your parking tickets)

Cambridge Parking Tickets (Everything you need to know)

The Department of Traffic, Parking, and Transportation (TP+T) supervises parking by members of the public and traffic operations, including pavement markings, crosswalks and bicycle lanes, traffic signal operation, traffic study reviews, street obstructions and street closures permitting.  The Traffic Parking Transportation Department must also approve curb cut and building permits issued by other City Departments. … Read more