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In a bid to serve you better, has brought about a better payment gateway protocol which will provide an enterprise package that features the most powerful Bitcoin infrastructure in the world. This new package is called BitPay. makes parking easy. We help travelers find the perfect parking space at airports and cities worldwide, given drivers options and flexibility. Whenever you need to leave your car at the airport, you have access to the best and cheapest parking facilities at your fingertips in your own language and currency. partners with safe and reliable packing companies throughout the world such as Park ‘N Fly, Thrifty Parking, WallyPark, Park ‘N Go, and many others so you can make reservations without hassle.

With the help of BitPay payment protocol, parking access customers do not need to go through to stress in processing their transactions with parking access.

About BitPay

What is BitPay?

BitPay is a payment service that enables users to accept payments in bitcoin and have the funds directly deposited into their bank account. BitPay operates and sends bank deposits in 38 countries and supports multiple currencies including US dollars, Euros, CAD, and more. Branded as one of the largest payment processors the focus on enabling merchants to accept bitcoins for their products and services, BitPay is an ideal choice for online merchants who want to accept bitcoins as a form of payment.

BitPay offers users a throng of features and benefits, including direct bank deposit, two-factor authentications, best bid exchange rates, and more. For big companies, BitPay provides an enterprise package that features the most powerful Bitcoin infrastructure in the world.

Why BitPay?

Parking Access started BitPay because we wanted to make it easy for businesses and individuals to accept bitcoin payments. Parking Access chose BitPay because they’re currently the largest bitcoin payment processor in the world, serving industry-leading merchants on six continents. Parking Access has created a seamless, secure bitcoin payment experience used daily by hundreds of thousands of bitcoin users. BitPay is an automated payment processing system for the bitcoin currency. It enables online merchants to accept bitcoins, as a form of payment, just as easily they accept payments from credit cards, debit cards, or Paypal. BitPay secure bitcoin wallet gives consumers a powerful toolkit for getting started right with bitcoin payments for any service.

Which wallets work for a BitPay payment?

BitPay invoices are only compatible with wallets that are updated to work with payment protocol.

Payment Protocol Compatible Wallets 

Bitcoin (BTC) Wallets

Any of the popular Payment Protocol-compatible wallets listed below, to pay a BitPay bitcoin (BTC) invoice could be used.

  • BitPay Wallet
  • Copay Wallet
  • Wallet
  • Mycelium Wallet
  • Edge Wallet (Formerly Airbitz)
  • Electrum Wallet (Desktop only, PayPro not supported on Mobile)
  • Bitcoin Core Wallet
  • Wallet
  • BRD Wallet (breadwallet) 
  • Bitnovo
  • Blockchain Wallet
  • Exodus (Desktop only, PayPro not supported on Mobile)
  • HODL Wallet

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Wallets

Users can also use any payment-protocol-compatible BCH wallet with a BitPay merchant who accepts BCH. The following wallets are fully compatible. 

  • BitPay Wallet
  • Copay Wallet
  • Wallet
  • Edge Wallet (Formerly Airbitz)
  • Wallet
  • Bitcoin Cash Wallet (Uses old address format, recommend converting to Cash)
  • Electron Cash 
  • Exodus (Desktop only, PayPro not supported on Mobile)
  • Badger Wallet

Ethereum (ETH) Wallets

Users can also use any Web3 wallet or wallet with a Dapp browser to pay a BitPay merchant who accepts ETH. The following wallets are tested and compatible. 

  • BitPay Wallet
  • Metamask
  • AlphaWallet
  • TrustWallet
  • Opera Browser

How do I add funds to my BitPay Card?

There are three ways to load funds on your BitPay Prepaid Visa card:

  • Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is the quickest and easiest way to load dollars onto your BitPay Card account.

To add funds to your BitPay Card balance with cryptocurrency, login to your cardholder account, select the add funds option. You will be prompted to enter a dollar amount and then presented with a BitPay invoice. To pay the invoice, you need to use an up-to-date wallet that supports payment protocol.

  • Direct Deposit

To set up your direct deposit, you will need your BitPay Card account’s routing number and account number. Tell your employer to send your funds directly to your BitPay Prepaid Visa automatically each pay period. Select the Direct Deposit option in your BitPay Card dashboard to get access to your bank account info for the card. When you direct deposit your paycheck or government benefits to your Card, there is no charge.

Why should you park at an off-airport parking facility?

Affordable Travel

Many people just assume that the airport is the only place to leave their car. But that couldn’t be farther from reality. There are many established and new parking companies that offer amazing service at great rates. On average, you can find the best parking prices by booking 14 days in advance; and you’ll save up to 60% from parking at the airport owned garages or lots.

Guaranteed and Hassle-Free Parking

The fact is, a parking reservation non-existent until Parking Access was founded and 2001. Our founder, Gregory Bessoni, searched online for a solution that would help him find a parking spot near his apartment in Boston, alas, he found nothing. Today, you will find dozens of online parking reservation services online – which is a good thing. It keeps the industry innovating and ensuring customers like you get the best service at the best price.

Parking Access is one of the best online parking reservations you’ll get because of the following reasons;  Super Easy & Fast, the Most Options, Safe, and Trusted Parking Facilities.