Levi’s Stadium Parking Options & Tips

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Levi’s Stadium is a sports venue in Santa Clara, located a 10-minute drive from San Jose and a 45-minute drive from San Francisco. The address is 4900 Marie P DeBartolo Way, Santa Clara, CA 95054. The stadium is home to the NFL San Francisco 49ers, and it also hosts concerts and other special events. If you search for discounted parking at Levi’s Stadium for a 49ers game, Parking Access will lend you a hand! Our guide will set out all the options, uncover Levi’s Stadium parking rates, and provide information on cheaper alternatives. You’ll learn about tailgating and public transit in Santa Clara, too!

Levi’s Stadium Parking Options

The stadium is surrounded by over a dozen surface parking lots that offer plenty of event parking spots. The lots are divided into several color-marked zones and offer general, VIP, and RV parking spaces. Blue and Green Lots have spots for oversized vehicles. The stadium parking map shows the location of each lot, as well as nearby streets and public transit stations:

Levi’s Stadium Parking Map
Levi’s Stadium Parking Map

San Francisco 49ers Parking Rates

Parking prices differ according to the lot and event, and you can either pay on the spot or pre-purchase a car parking pass. >>Reserve on Vivid Seats. Levi’s Stadium cash parking lots have the following rates:

Cash Lots Cost
Red Lot 5
Green Lot 4
Blue Lot 1
Green Lot 3
Red Lot 3
Red Lot 1
Green Lots 1 & 2
Yellow Lots 2 & 3

Don’t leave anything to chance—book a spot in advance and avoid sold-out situations. Get a Levi’s Stadium parking pass through Vivid Seats to secure a spot and find convenient parking without any hassle!

Official Parking Reservations at Stadiums

Non-Event Parking

If you plan to visit the San Francisco 49ers Team Store or Museum on a non-event day, the stadium will provide you with a free parking space! Access the public parking area through Red Lot 1, off Tasman Drive. On non-event days, it’s easier to find a suitable low-cost or free spot around Levi’s Stadium as well.

Accessible Parking

The most convenient ADA parking for 49ers fans is available on a first-come, first-served basis in Levi’s Stadium Green Lot 1. The stadium also offers free shuttle services from several other lots, and you can reach out to the assistance team at 408-579-4610. To occupy an ADA spot, you’ll need a valid disabled parking permit and Levi’s stadium parking pass. We suggest that you reserve parking ahead of time and arrive early since handicapped parking is limited.

Parking Near Levi’s Stadium + Helpful Tips

Finding a reasonably-priced spot on a game day is tough, but we discovered several money-saving options! If you’re comfortable with walking 15 to 20 minutes, consider using one of the following lots:

  • Great American Lot at 4701 Patrick Henry Drive: $25
  • 3055 Patrick Henry Dr. Lot: $30
  • Pactron Lot at 3000 Patrick Henry Drive: $30

Some lots in the area don’t sell spots in advance, so you can look for one if you don’t make a reservation. Alternatively, leave your vehicle near a light rail station and then catch a train to the stadium. For instance, park at the River Oaks VTA Station and then hop on a train to Levi’s Stadium, which is just several minutes away. You may also park at one of the Caltrain stations. Learn more about light rail services below.

Transportation to the 49ers Games

Levi’s Stadium is conveniently located near major highways and several public transit routes, so it’s accessible by road and rail. VTA Light Rail is the best choice if you’re traveling from Mountain View, Sunnyvale, San Jose, or Campbell. The Great America Station is north of the stadium, within a 4-minute walk of the entrance. The Valley Transportation Authority also provides frequent buses that stop near the stadium. If coming from San Francisco, use Caltrain to Mountain View and then transfer to a VTA train. Call VTA at 408-321-2300 for more information or to learn about their special services for the San Francisco 49ers games. If you opt for Uber or Lyft, note that the drop-off zone is on Great America Parkway, while pick-ups occur in Red Lot 7.

Tailgating at Levi’s Stadium

National Football League fans are allowed to tailgate in ten specified parking areas: 

  • Premium Red Lots 1, 3, and VIP
  • Blue Lot 1 and RV Blue Lot
  • Premium Green Lots 1, 2T, and Green Lot 4 
  • Premium Yellow Lots 2 and 3

Note that each parking spot can be utilized for vehicle parking only, and you cannot use additional spaces for tailgating. Open-fire grilling is allowed, but glass containers are prohibited in each Levi’s Stadium parking lot. All tailgating activities must cease after kickoff. Follow the posted guidelines to avoid any inconvenience and have the best game-day experience!


  • How much is parking at Levi’s Stadium?

Rates for the San Francisco 49ers’ home games range from $40 to $60. To reduce your costs, use our tips to find a cheaper spot in the area.

  • What parking lots can you tailgate at Levi’s Stadium?

Tailgating is allowed in Premium Red Lots, Blue Lot 1, Premium Yellow Lots 2 and 3, as well as Green Lots 1, 2T, and 4.

  • What time do the parking lots open at Levi’s Stadium?

Levi’s Stadium parking lots open three and a half hours before the opening kickoff or start of any event.

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