Free parking for RVs at Casinos

How RV’s use casinos for free parking

Not everyone dreams of living in a big house with a backyard garden and a beautiful front porch, some love living like vagabonds, traveling from one place to another, being on the road 24/7. For such travel enthusiasts an RVs (Recreational Vehicles), camper vans, customized minivans, and buses are the best choice. The only problem with such large, heavy movers is that when you are not driving them, you need to park them.

RV Parking at Casinos Complete Guide to Free Parking

Due to the lack of space and high cost of living, parking an RV becomes a strenuous task, since the parking needs to have electrical output points so that these vehicles can power themselves, all of this seems to be an expensive affair. To avoid this problematic situation, RV owners are often on the lookout for a free parking space where they could park for a few days and sustain living with all facilities.

Although a battery powers all these RV’s, but this battery needed to recharge from time to time. In recent years, casinos have proven to be an excellent spot for such vagabonds looking for free parking, and the casino understands that a good number of RV owners tend to play in the house if they receive free parking

Why free parking?

The best thing about this lifestyle is that RV owners can park in these casinos and stay there for a limited time, which is generally a couple of days with 100% rent-free environment. There are also open power outlets for running gadgets like personal computers and essential kitchen items, and the cell range is excellent which makes it possible for bloggers, writers, YouTubers, photographers, and freelancers to work from the parking lot. 

Another positive about parking at a casino is that most of them have open-air parking lots which help the vehicles with solar panels to accumulate enough electricity, which could last them a few days. The only thing the campers need to be careful about is that since this is a free space and if you are not using the casino, then it is in your best interest to maintain a low profile as coming on the casino’s radar as a freeloader isn’t going to help your case.

Make sure that you don’t pull out chairs, shed, or anything else which might disrupt the parking space or create disturbance for other people who have parked. Some states which are best for casino camping are Nevada, New Jersey, Iowa, Arizona, and Florida, and some argue that Florida might not be one of the most critical choices for such an adventure, yet when looking at the Florida market, we get to see a different story.

Why choose a casino?

Casino parking lots are massive in terms of size as they host restaurants, hotels, bars and other facilities that people come to enjoy apart from gambling. These casinos also organize events and parties for which they need a large parking spot. It might get pretty crowded in such situations and weekends, but parking spots are still massive and have enough room for everyone. Apart from being free, these casino parking lots are also very safe, and the casino has security personnel employed who keep taking rounds to make sure that everything is in check, not to forget the hour round CCTV surveillance.

There is the constant buzzing of traffic and heavy vehicles moving on the road but its not that bad once you are inside the RV.  Apart from casinos, there are other parking spaces like some shopping centers like Walmart, but none of them is as significant as casino parking, and shopping centers won’t let you park for more than 12-24 hours.  Casinos are directly based off the highway, which makes it easier for RVs to get in and move out of the parking lot. 

It would be best if you always looked for signs on the road as some casinos have a dedicated spot for parking, all they require is a registration, and you can have a free stay from anywhere between 1-5 nights. Most casinos are well lit, which makes it easier for campers to feel safe and carry on their business.


Casinos are no saints just because they provide you with free parking, but no doubt they are helpful. All casinos are business units, and the core objective of any business unit is to make a profit. Casinos realize this fact that by providing free parking space to the RV owners, they are increasing sales of their restaurants as most of them enjoy having a well-made meal by an experienced chef. Some casinos also offer free coffee or drinks to the RV owners to lure them in the casino, once you are in, it is challenging for them not to place a bet, and that’s what the casino wants.