Chicago Monthly Parking

Chicago’s Monthly Parking Guide

Searching for an available parking spot is any city dweller’s worst nightmare, especially when we’re talking about a city as large as Chicago. With over 2.7 million people and thousands upon thousands of cars, Chicago monthly parking is nothing to be taken lightly. 

Naturally, some areas are busier than others, and while you can easily schedule your O’Hare monthly parking, for example, you’ll have a tougher time finding a spot in the Chicago Loop. 

So, let’s break down some of the busiest neighborhoods and see how you can get a parking spot without giving yourself a headache. 

Chicago Loop 

As the central business district, Chicago Loop has its fair share of drivers looking for a parking spot. So, you shouldn’t just go to the Loop and hope for the best. It’s in your best interest to look up available spots in an online parking directory and book your space beforehand. 

Chicago Theatre District 

The Theatre District is just as busy as the Loop, but if you’re able to find a spot, it will usually turn out to be significantly cheaper. Again, booking Chicago monthly parking in the Theatre District in advance is your best option. 


South from the Loop, you’ll find Chinatown. It’s mostly home to teahouses, restaurants, and shops, so parking spots are somewhat more sparse. Parking is more affordable in Chinatown, and because of its proximity to the Loop, you might want to consider parking here and walking to the Loop. 

Downtown Loop 

Monthly parking in Downtown Chicago can be a breeze if you know where to look. The cost can go from around $100 to well over $400, and if you want to find more affordable spots, you should do some research before you park here. 


Just about 12 miles from downtown Chicago, Evanston provides you with a few convenient parking locations. You can find the most affordable spots in the area surrounding Northwestern University. 

Fulton River 

The Fulton River neighborhood has plenty of green, open spaces, but it’s also filled with numerous parking areas. Be prepared to pay a bit more if you want to park here. 

Gold Coast 

Gold Coast is a mostly residential area, and as its name would suggest, it’s pretty costly. Chicago monthly parking here often comes up to about $400 or $500. 


Just a couple of miles north from the Gold Coast, you’ll find the community area of Lakeview. It’s a great neighborhood for finding monthly parking spots at a lower cost. 

Lincoln Park 

The neighborhood of Lincoln Park is known for its lively nightlife. Filled with numerous bars, clubs, concert venues, and more, the neighborhood also offers a few convenient parking spaces with ranging prices. 


You won’t find many parking lots in the area surrounding Loyola University. The cost of parking is average, but many spaces are reserved in advance. Check out an online parking directory to find a space beforehand. 

Chicago Midway Airport 

Unfortunately, the Midway Airport monthly parking is unavailable, and if you want to leave your car here for a longer period of time, you can expect to pay up to $40 a day. 

Near North Side 

Near North Side is a large community area with numerous garages and parking lots. It’s a busy area with many drivers looking for a place to park, so your Chicago monthly parking bill can be somewhat higher here. 

Near South Side 

Although it’s known as a cultural hub, Near South Side is a bit more forgiving with its monthly parking prices. While not cheap, parking here is considered to be relatively affordable and convenient. 

Old Town 

Old Town in Chicago has beautiful architecture and great places for parking. The price tag normally goes between $100 and $200. 

River North 

A neighborhood located in the Near North Side, River North, is dynamic and active. Parking here can put a dent in your budget, but booking your spot in advance can help you save a few dollars. 

South Loop 

South Loop mostly attracts younger generations who enjoy visiting bars, jazz clubs, as well as museums and other culturally relevant locations. Finding an affordable parking spot here shouldn’t be a problem, and if you don’t mind taking a short walk, you can also invest in monthly parking in downtown Chicago and walk to the South Loop. 

South Side 

As the largest of the three “Sides” of Chicago, South Side offers countless garages and parking lots. Price tags and availability can vary, so you should reserve your spot ahead of time. 


Streeterville underwent a period of rapid development in the past two decades, and now it’s home to countless residential high-rises, office buildings, hotels, cultural venues, and of course — parking garages. You can easily find fairly affordable parking spots in Streeterville. 

West Loop 

West Loop grew from an industrial area to a lively and active neighborhood with great nightlife. Monthly parking can go from around $75 to $300, so do your research on the prices before you park here. 


Wrigleyville is very popular among tourists and travelers, especially when there’s a big baseball game happening. Some parking spots boast a higher price because of the said tourists, but if you look around, you should be able to find more affordable locations. 

Average Prices for Monthly Parking in Chicago 

While Chicago certainly doesn’t boast the highest average price for monthly parking in the whole of the U.S., it still tends to be on the more expensive side. Chicago monthly parking comes to an average of $265, with the most expensive monthly parking in downtown Chicago. 

South Loop and Lincoln Park neighborhoods normally have more affordable monthly parking, both averaging at around $140. 

Best Practices for Getting Parking Spots 

Finding a good parking spot in Chicago can be rather difficult, especially around big holidays. There are only two great practices that can help you find a spot quickly. 

The first one is beating the morning rush hour. The heaviest traffic in Chicago is between 7:30 and 9:30, and as the saying goes, “the early bird gets the worm” — you’ll find better parking spots if you start your day pretty early. 

The second practice is looking up an online parking directory and reserving your parking spot. While Chicago’s monthly parking can be expensive, paying for a spot daily will put an even bigger dent in your budget. 


Knowing about the parking situation in different neighborhoods will make finding a parking spot in Chicago much easier. Save yourself the headache, make use of online parking directories, and book your parking spot in advance.