Is Street Parking Safe in Los Angeles?

Street parking in Los Angeles isn’t as safe as it was in the previous decade, according to the car break-in statistic. However, it really depends on the location and time of the year. For instance, the number of break-ins significantly increases during the holiday season, so that’s when you should avoid on-street parking. Park your … Read more

Is It Safe To Use Valet Parking During COVID?

As long as you adhere to COVID-19 safety guidelines, it is safe to use valet parking during the pandemic. Most facilities and venues that suspended valet service in 2020 have restored it by now. All valet attendants follow CDC recommendations and take necessary safety measures to ensure the health of their customers.

Is There a Parking Ban in West Hartford Today?

There is an overnight parking ban in West Hartford. The ban was reissued in February 2022, prohibiting parking between 2 AM and 5 AM, but exceptions exist. Residents can leave their vehicles on the street overnight if their driveway is unusable due to street construction or when they have an overnight guest. You can request … Read more

Is Worcester Parking Ban Still in Effect?

The Worcester parking ban isn’t in effect at the time of writing. The city issues two types of bans: permanent and declared. The first one is in effect from December to the end of April on critical streets and bus routes, while the latter is issued ahead of snow storms. Parking Access urges all residents … Read more

Is There a Parking Ban in East Greenwich Today?

No parking ban is in effect in East Greenwich at the time of writing. A ban is issued ahead of winter storms, usually in January and February, either citywide or on Main Street only. After the issuance, drivers must remove their vehicles from the streets to off-street lots (that’s when SpotHero may come in handy). Click here to … Read more

Can You Park on the Street in Boston With Out-of-State Plates?

A vehicle with out-of-state plates can be parked in any public street parking spot in Boston except for those in residential neighborhoods that require permits. To obtain a residential parking permit, you must register your car to an address within the neighborhood. Restrictions and time limits vary across neighborhoods, so be sure to read the … Read more

Is There a Parking Ban in Cranston Today?

At the time of writing, there’s no parking ban in Cranston, RI. A citywide parking ban is in effect during the winter season storms, usually in January and February. After its issuance, drivers must remove their vehicles from the streets to off-street garages or lots. Sites like SpotHero may come in handy in these situations. … Read more

When Does Parking Enforcement Start in NYC?

NYC parking enforcement starts at 7 AM on weekdays or 8 AM on weekends unless otherwise posted. Rules and limits may vary according to the street or district, so reading the signs and parking meters is crucial. Follow the posted instructions to park and pay appropriately and thus avoid pricey NYC parking tickets.