Wyoming County Fair

Driving & Parking Information for Wyoming County Fair

Park in the Fair-worked parking garages situated off Water Street by the ball jewel and off Main Street by the congregation. The parking charge upholds the Fair tasks and assists with paying expenses of more than $70,000 granted to exhibitors at the Fair. Your help is fundamental in keeping up with suitable projects and offices for all to appreciate. There are no singular affirmations charged to the grounds, simply the stopping expense.

Day-to-day Pass – $10.00
8-Day Pass – $35.00 ($30.00 pre-deal)
Free admission to the grounds

Pre-deal multi-day passes are accessible at all County Banks, the Office for the Aging, and the Fair Office from July 12 to Aug 12, 2022

Stopping in the city in the previous town region of the Town of Pike, likewise distinguished as the area enveloped in the Sidewalk and Lighting Districts during the week or length of the hour of the Wyoming County Fair is thusly precluded. — Town Clerk