On Air Parking Review — Is This The Parking Service For You?

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Drivers who travel frequently know how stressful it can be to find a cheap and convenient parking spot at or near airports. Travelers often search for a low-cost airport parking lot which is close to the terminal or offers free shuttle services. This search may take a lot of valuable time. For this reason, many apps and sites (just like Parking Access) provide helpful airport guides and car parking options. 

One of the sites that offer airport parking services is On Air Parking (former Top Airport Parking). It provides an array of airports and locations and allows you to park at a discounted parking price. The overnight parking services include on-site parking and off-airport parking lots nearby.

If you’re wondering if this parking service is worth the hype, our in-depth guide will help you find the answer to your question. Let’s dive in!

How Does On Air Parking Work?

When you type onairparking.com into your search engine box, you’ll find an easy-to-use and well-put website. The On Air Parking home page is straightforward and has a search box right at the top of the page. This is where you enter the airport’s name and car drop-off/pick-up dates.

After you type in the airport and dates, On Air Parking will provide you with available parking facilities nearby. Each option contains all the important details, such as the daily parking rate, distance from the terminal building, working hours, and rating. Additionally, you’ll see whether the facility offers uncovered or covered parking spots and self-parking or valet service. We picked one airport to show you how it looks like and help you make a parking reservation.

As you can see, we searched for an Atlanta Airport Parking space, and the site gave us a two-option list. In case there are more options, you can sort the list by price to find the cheapest one at the top. After you choose the most suitable parking lot, click the “PARK HERE” button. The next step will provide you with all the information about the lot and airport shuttle service. You’ll also see the total parking cost (daily rate plus $6 fee).

If the lot fits your needs, click the “RESERVE NOW” button, enter an On Air Parking coupon code, and click “NEXT” to fill out a payment form. This is where you enter personal and credit card details. After making a parking reservation, look for the confirmation email, and follow the instructions in it. In case you don’t receive the email, check the Junk or Spam folder in your email account. If you can’t find it, send an email to hello@noson.io, and they will resend it.

How to Change/Cancel Parking Reservations?

If you wish to extend the reservation by a day or two, you can just settle the extra days at the parking facility when you return. (Don’t worry, they will never tow your vehicle if you leave it for a couple of extra days.) To change your check-in date or extend for more than a couple of days, we suggest that you cancel your reservation and re-book with the correct days.

Canceling the reservation is simple and free of charge at any time. To cancel your reservation, respond to the confirmation email saying “I’d like to cancel my reservation/get a refund” or something similar. On Air Parking will process your refund and send you an email within 48 hours. It’s as simple as that! 

Customer Service

If you need any help, don’t hesitate to reach out to On Air Parking and their Traveler Care Team! There are a few ways to do that:

  • send a text message at 415-545-8017;
  • call 888-487-2754;
  • send an email at hello@noson.io.

On Air Parking hours are from 10 AM to 7 PM (Monday through Friday), but you can send a text or email at any time. The Customer Service team is responsive and eager to help.

On Air Parking Reviews for Parking Lots

On Air Parking has one great feature that helps you pick a safe and trustworthy parking provider — they always urge their customers to give feedback, which assists other travelers in choosing a suitable lot. Of course, the reviews also help you stay away from unreliable facilities. So, if you’re not sure which option to book, simply check out the reviews to discover the experiences of previous users. The description of each lot contains its rating.

On Air Parking Complaints

We wanted to make sure On Air Parking is as reliable as they claim, so we looked into the company’s feedback on Google, Facebook, Bark, Trip Advisor, etc. Surprisingly, a vast majority of reviews are highly favorable! As opposed to most of the parking reservation sites (such as One Stop Parking), On Air Parking has a nearly perfect rating. Before we get to the complaints, check out some of the positive reviews.

Since On Air Parking has been used by numerous customers, it’s not unusual to find some negative reviews, too. Several travelers had complaints regarding the airport shuttle transfers, some of them didn’t get refunds, while some people came across a full parking lot or had issues with parking attendants. On Air Parking doesn’t own the shuttles or lots, and sometimes they can’t do anything about such issues. However, we noticed that almost all of the recent reviews are excellent, which means that they have significantly improved the parking process.

Parking Access vs On Air Parking

Parking Access and On Air Parking have the same goal — providing customers with safe and cheap parking spaces. The two sites also share many features, including free shuttle buses, economy parking, free cancellation, blog section, and reviews for each airport parking structure. However, there are some differences, too.

If you compare our airport parking options to On Air Parking offers, you’ll see a considerable difference in the number of locations. Parking Access covers more airports, as well as some cruise ports and ballparks, while On Air Parking deals include only a part of our offer. We also have more options per airport. For example, when searching for LAX Parking Services, you may notice that their list isn’t as impressive as ours — we have three times as many options as On Air Parking. Therefore, Parking Access has a wider range of offers (both cheap and expensive ones).

However, even though On Air Parking offers fewer airports and parking lots, their services are reliable and inexpensive. So, you may book parking for as low as $3.49 per day! However, they can’t advertise the brand name with the negotiated price, which means that you’ll get just the address of the lot (not the name of the brand). This is unusual, but that’s where reviews come in handy, so be sure to read them!

Final Thoughts on On Air Parking

Can you trust On Air Parking?

Does On Air Parking guarantee a spot?

Does On Air Parking save you money?

Travelers who haven’t used On Air Parking probably want to know the answers to these questions. After looking into On Air Parking deals and reviews, we can say that pros certainly outweigh cons, and the number of negative comments is insignificant when compared to positive reviews. So, you can trust On Air Parking; use their dependable services and simple booking process to reserve parking at many U.S. airports. Not only will you get a safe spot for your vehicle, but it will also be very affordable. 

To have a hassle-free experience and stress-free trip, use Parking Access and find out how to make airport parking easy! We offer an abundance of helpful parking information, guides, and great low-cost deals at LAX, Sea-Tac Airport, Newark Airport Parking, SFO, O’Hare International Airport, JFK, and many more! 

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