Advertise with us (Newsletter Placement) offers travelers a simple way to find, compare and book airport parking at Airports worldwide. Founded in 2003, (4.5 stars) was the first online airport parking aggregator that offered the largest and most reputable parking brands in the industry all on one website.

With over 2 Million guests booked in just under two decades, the Company is still the leader in online airport parking reservations.

With that said, we at are looking to embrace products and brands that we feel would resonate with our massive traveling customer base. Partners who offer a product or service that fits in the travel niche (broadly speaking) can find great success with advertising on our site and within our email communications.

Please send an email to Greg [at] parkingaccess [dot] com to learn more

Web Stats at a Glance

  • 100,000+ monthly visitors (all active and engaged in buying travel-related products) – Including
  • Over 95% US-based, with smaller International segments in places such as Canada, UK, Australia, and Germany.
  • Over 25,0000Facebook Fans
  • Over 60,000 Email Subscribers with a 15+ Open Rate and 4% Click-through rate



We offer one slot in our weekly newsletter for a native advertisement for $400USD

These advertisements look like our editorial content and link directly to your website. They will include a photo, a title, and an excerpt.



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