Expo Line

The Expo Line is the oldest line of the SkyTrain rapid transit system in the Metro Vancouver region of British Columbia, Canada. The line is owned and operated by TransLink, and links Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, and Surrey. Expo Line is coloured dark blue on route maps. The line was simply known as “SkyTrain” from its launch in 1985 until 2002, as it was the only line on the system during this time. It was given its present name in 2002 to differentiate it from Millennium Line, the second line on the SkyTrain system which was opened that year. It was named for Expo 86, the world’s fair that Vancouver hosted in 1986, because it was built in large part to be ready for that fair and was an attraction of the fair. The Expo and Millennium Lines share the same track alignment from Waterfront Station in Downtown Vancouver to Columbia Station in New Westminster. From there, the line splits, with the Expo Line crossing the Fraser River to Surrey.

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