Tropicana Field Parking

Tropicana Field Parking

Everyone is aware of the fact that important games always have many visitors, and that’s why it is so hard to find a convenient parking space. Avoid this hassle by using public transportation services or cabs, and drivers can save a lot of time and money if they plan ahead. gives you all the valuable parking information, parking tips, and a safe booking process. To discover Tropicana Field Parking availability, locations, and vehicle parking rates, keep reading our guide.

Tropicana Field

The Trop — which is a commonly known name for Tropicana Field — is a domed stadium mostly used for Major League Baseball games but also college football games. It is the home of the MLB’s Tampa Bay Rays since 1998. Sporting events are not the only major events in the Trop. Many concerts have been held there by well-known musicians such as Eric Clapton, Depeche Mode, Guns ‘N’ Roses, the Eagles, and R.E.M.
The stadium is conveniently situated in downtown St. Petersburg, at 1 Tropicana Drive, which allows you to easily reach it. Use public transport or ride-sharing apps to get there and avoid circling the area in search of a cheap parking spot. A free shuttle service is provided to all Rays games. The shuttle bus goes around St. Petersburg, starting an hour and a half before any game.
Visitors who are driving will have no issues if they make a parking reservation in advance and get there on time. That’s where we come in! Check out all the valet and self-parking facilities near Tropicana Field and choose the most suitable one.

Tropicana Field Parking

The Trop offers several public parking options to its visitors. 

Lot 3 is for rideshare pickup/drop-off, while Lot 1 is a VIP parking lot, and it is for guests sitting in premium areas, just like Lot 4. If you wish to park here, purchase a pre-paid parking ticket since you might not find a drive-up visitor parking ramp. Lot 2 and Lot 6 are a 3-minute walk from the field gates, but they are created for season ticket holders only.
The general parking lots for visitors are Lot 2, Lot 7, and Lot 9. All of them are 3-6 minutes away from the entrances. Note that Lot 2 is not paved. If you park in Lot 9 and use a Suncoast Credit Union credit card, you will receive a $5 discount!

If you want to save even more money, there is a way to get free Rays parking spots! If you are coming with a few friends, you can park for free in Lots 6 and 7. So, the only catch is that there are at least 4 people in your vehicle — this is their incentive to carpool, which can be great for all of you. This applies to the first 100 vehicles with at least four people coming to see Rays home games.

Daily and hourly parking rates vary by game, but the prices start at $15 — you can find online Tropicana Field parking tickets for $15-20. Reserved parking fees are not included. Making an online reservation in advance will allow you to have a quick and hassle-free event parking experience.
As you can see on our map, accessible parking is available in Lots 1 and 7. Visitors can park in the designated handicapped parking spots only if they have a disabled parking permit, license plate, or placard. Standard parking rates apply, and handicap parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Electric vehicle drivers searching for EV charging stations will not find them in the Tropicana Field day parking lots. However, many electric vehicle charging stations in Saint Petersburg are available to any passenger. Check them out and use the one that is closest to your route.

Rays Parking near Tropicana Field

Downtown parking areas can be a great alternative to the Tropicana Field parking lots if you want to reduce your expenses. However, we do not recommend using metered parking because people often end up with tickets or have other issues. If you do find a metered space, please look for signs or read the meter to check if it is enforced 24 hours. If it is, look for another spot.

Apart from on-street parking, we have discovered some independent daily parking structures near the Trop. Some of them require a 10-minute walk to/from the field, but they are safe and more affordable than the official Tropicana Field parking services. So, check out the locations of downtown car parks and choose the most suitable one.

Parking FacilityAddressDaily Rate
McNulty Garage — Covered Parking175 2nd St. S$7.50
One Progress Plaza Lot255 1st Ave. S$7.00
John Hopkins Middle School Lot701 16th St. S.$5.50
Suntrust Garage Parking309 2nd Ave S.$5.00

Surface lots are more suitable for oversized vehicles, and we do not recommend the Suntrust parking deck or McNulty Garage if your vehicle is higher than 6’. 

Tailgating at Tropicana Field

If you wish to have the best game day experience with your friends, we have a great suggestion for you. Make a group of at least 4 people and use 1 car to get a free parking area in Lot 6 or 7, where you can enjoy tailgating before the game. You can arrive early, grab a bite, and have a drink while waiting for your favorite team to start playing.

Visitors who are not driving or do not want to tailgate can check out any downtown bar or pub near Tropicana Field. Several of them are available close to the Trop, and you can come by to have a craft beer or maybe some burgers and hot dogs. Check out the best bars in the area:

  • Engine No. 9 at  56 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street North;
  • Ferg’s Sports Bar & Grill at 1320 Central Avenue;
  • Independent Bar St.Petersburg at 1049 Central Avenue;
  • The Lure at 661 Central Avenue North.

In addition to Tropicana Field Parking garages and lots, you can use to find overnight parking at countless airports and valet parking permits near cruise ports. Almost every off-site parking service includes shuttle buses as well. Try us out whenever you need a long-term parking garage or short-term parking structure!