Baltimore Aquarium Parking

Baltimore Aquarium Parking Guide (Plus, How to Save Money)

Planning to visit the Baltimore National Aquarium? Considering the difficult parking in downtown Baltimore, it’s a great idea to plan your parking accommodations ahead of time and discover all the options beforehand. Keep reading to learn about the Baltimore Aquarium parking options and alternatives that can help you save money!

How Much Are Tickets to the Baltimore Aquarium?

Daily tickets cost $39.95 for adults, $29.95 for children (ages 3–11), $34.95 for seniors (ages 65+), and free for children 2 and under. 

If you plan to visit frequently, you might consider a yearly membership. You get unlimited admission for the year and 25% off their two official parking lots (listed below), plus plenty other benefits. The memberships cost $75 for one person, $145 for two adults, or $195 a family (two adults and up to four children ages 3–21). There are larger memberships if you want to bring more children or guests. 

Compared to regular Baltimore Aquarium prices, yearly membership is a great deal (especially if you have children). Just a couple of visits can make membership worth the cost. 

Additional benefits to the membership include access to free members-only events, 20% discount on guest tickets, 20% discount on tours and other experiences, VIP express entry, 10% discounts at the gift shop, cafe, and photo purchases, as well as a free subscription to their magazine. 

Baltimore Aquarium coupons and deal days show up every so often. They will list these on their website. For example, they offer half-price tickets on Friday nights after 5 pm. There are also rare Baltimore Aquarium dollar days – keep up with their social media accounts so you don’t miss out on these deals!

Baltimore Aquarium Parking Options

Unlike many stadiums and other places, Baltimore Aquarium doesn’t have its own parking facility. However, two nearby parking garages offer discounts if you’re visiting the aquarium or are a member (you will need to validate your ticket at the aquarium information desk). While most other parking garages go by the hour, nearby Baltimore Aquarium parking is a set rate for 24 hours. 

How Much is Parking at the Baltimore Aquarium?

GarageDaily RateDistance
Harbor Park Garage
$15 (regularly $25) 0.1 Miles
Lockwood Garage
$28 (regularly $35)0.1 Miles
Pier V Garage
$300.2 Miles
Gallery Garage
$420.2 Miles
30 E. Lee St. Garage
$350.6 Miles
414 Light St. Garage
$450.4 Miles

Aside from the nearby garages, you can try using SpotHero or ParkWhiz to find cheaper spots. Finding metered parking can be difficult depending on the day you visit. Some of these garages offer valet parking. When you arrive, make sure to find the cheaper garages (Harbor Park is the best) so you don’t end up paying almost $50 for parking!

Disabled parking is available in all garages.

How much time do you need at the Baltimore Aquarium?

If you’re looking for alternative parking on the websites listed above or considering metered parking, you will want to know how long you want to take at potentially reserve your spot. Depending on your family size and the amount of time you want to stay in each space, you’ll probably want to allow 1.5 – 3 hours for your visit (there is quite a lot to see). 

You’ll want to allow even longer if you plan to see shows or do other activities. 

Baltimore Aquarium Parking Alternatives

Don’t want to spend $15+ to park at the aquarium? There are some alternatives that can help you save money on parking. 

Take the Metro

The Metro is a great way to get around Baltimore. The closest stations to the aquarium are  Pratt St & Gay St (3 min walk), Gay St & Lombard St (4 min walk), and Pratt St & Market Pl (5 min walk). You might consider finding free parking near a metro stop and taking the metro to the aquarium!

Street Parking

Just coming to see the Baltimore Aquarium dolphin show or stop in for an hour? Street parking might be the better option – meters typically cost $5 to $7 per hour. However, street parking in downtown Baltimore can be very difficult to find depending on the day you visit. If you plan to stay 3+ hours, paying the all-day price at the Harbor Park Garage is the way to go. 


If you’re lucky, you might find the common Baltimore Aquarium parking Groupon. This is featured by ParkWhiz and costs as low as $10 for all-day parking (depending on the day). Weekends typically cost more. They feature a variety of parking lots and garages so you can best compare your options. 


Can you bring food into the Baltimore Aquarium? 

Unfortunately, outside food and beverages aren’t allowed inside unless needed for medical reasons. However, there are picnic tables outside if you bring your own food to eat before visiting the aquarium. 

Are backpacks allowed in Baltimore aquarium?

Yes, they allow small bags and backpacks. 

Does Baltimore Aquarium have an AAA discount?

AAA discounts aren’t available at the aquarium, but you can buy discounted passes through AAA. They do have military discounts with ID. 

Bottom Line

Overall, Baltimore Aquarium parking doesn’t have to take a chunk out of your wallet. The most cost-effective garage is a pretty good deal ($15) as long as you get your aquarium ticket validated. To save the most money, you can try taking public transit or finding street parking if you don’t mind a walk.