Sky Park - Self Parking (YYZ)

Sky Park - Self Parking (YYZ)

$12.37 / day
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2.3 miles from YYZ
6428 Airport Rd, Mississauga, ON, US



Find a Great Deal at Skypark Airport Parking

Located minutes away from Pearson International Airport. Free shuttle service to and from airport included with online purchase. . Located 2 minutes away from Pearson airport we have a safe and secure location monitored by man and video 24/7/365

SkyPark shuttle runs 24 hours on demand to and from the airport.

Call 1.800.969.8032

Customers pay when they get to location; not on exit. This location does not accept AMEX.

Upon arrival at location, be sure to ask location for instructions of where to stand for shuttle at airport.

Look for Shuttle with 'SKYPARK' on side of vehicle.

Airlines suggest arriving at airport 2 hours preflight; be sure to arrive at parking location before this 2 hour window.

6428 Airport Rd, Mississauga, ON, US
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Sky Park - Self Parking (YYZ)
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6428 Airport Rd, Mississauga, ON, US


  • Valet
  • Security
  • 24/7 Front Desk
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Car Wash
  • Car Care

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Ferry Fi
1 2 3 4 5

Just avoid this business, you've got lots of better options around.

Making a reservation ahead of time doesn't mean anything for them.

Cars parked all over the place, including outside the parking yard.

Good luck getting picked up from the airport in a reasonable time.

Just stay away from them!
Ralph Miller
1 2 3 4 5
They say they have valet parking but they really don't. You have to park your own car, find your own shuttle to the airport, and remember where in the field you parked your car. And than when we returned to Toronto, we waited over 45 minutes after we called for a shuttle. When I called a second time they said they only have 1 shuttle bus. ParkNFly drove past 8 time while we waited for Skypark. We will never use these guys again. Avoid at all costs, it's not worth the headache.
Captain Quintero
1 2 3 4 5
Showed with my confirmation email. Was told the lot is full and my confirmation didn't matter. No apology or anything. Just a shrug of the shoulders. I have parked with them before and while the customer service (especially the driver) is below par, I could overlook that because they have the best rate.

Will never park with them again.
Beer and food Lover
1 2 3 4 5
Unfortunately this isn’t what it used to be and they don’t mention it on the website when you reserve.

THEY NO LONGER HAVE VALET and the parking lot is filled with giant pot holes and tiny parking spots.

They also took 30 minutes to pick us up from the airport.

All for the same price they used to charge for valet!!!
Linda Varnam
1 2 3 4 5
Used to love this service at the Fasken Rd location. Will never use again after our latest experience at the airport road location. Got there with what they call a reservation to be told the lot was full. You can imagine this is not the greatest thing to happen on your way to catch a flight. Please do not use it can leave you in a mess.
Dmytro Rozhkovych
1 2 3 4 5
Be careful with Skypark. Online reservations means nothing. I booked parking spot online in advance, arrived at their parking lot two hours in advance because I was flying domestic and attendant told me they are full and there is no parking spot available. She just said go and park somewhere else. Thanks god, park and fly is near by and had space. I would rather pay few bucks more and be assured space availability, otherwise beginning of your trip can be a nightmare.
Brian Hoecht
1 2 3 4 5
I would have done less than 1 Star if possible.

Booked a reservation a week before our flight.

Received an email confirmation at the time.

Arrived at time of departure and was informed the lot was full. No parking. Told to go somewhere else. Had barricades up blocking entrance. No manager available. No solution offered. Was told my confirmation email didn’t matter.

No email received giving any sort of notice lot was or could be full, yet clearly this hadn’t just happened (i.e. barricades). Brutal.

We’ve used Skypark for years before this. Never had a hiccup before. Must be under new ownership/ management.

Avoid this business!!!!!
Anabela Epifanio
1 2 3 4 5
I reserved a spot months ago. They gave my spot away. Apparently it's really first come first served. Going forward, I'm be using a different company. Not one that gives my spot away.
Steph D
1 2 3 4 5
Do not book with them. Be warned.

Your online booking actually is not a booking or a reservation. When you arrive the guy literally pencil you in on paper and never checks for any booking. That’s why there are so many reviews from people saying that they arrive in the lot is full in there tonight a parking spot.

They took so long to pick us up to drive us to the airport for our departure that we were late for our flight.

They also took over 20 minutes to pick us up from the terminal when we returned.

Our driver was watching YouTube videos while driving. Literally watching TV while driving.

Because of Covid they have shut down their main office and are now operating out of a dilapidated parking lot that does not feel safe or protected at all. The cars are practically piled on top of each other.

Final kicker: the driver told us we needed to learn how to tip (we did tip despite such horrible service).

Won’t be using them again.
Rob Burt
1 2 3 4 5
Booked online for 5 am. Arrived on time to be told that they were full. Told them we had a reservation and the guy said there was nothing he could do. Had to park at the airport parking. Was a little more money, but way more convenient. Not sure I'll ever use Sky Park again.
Jim Manley
1 2 3 4 5
Booked online in advance. Arrived at 0600 to be told that Skypark was full. Lots of cars turning around. Not what you want when you are trying to catch a flight! Will never use them!
1 2 3 4 5
Waiting over 30 minutes for a shuttle pickup from terminal 3, worst service ever!!! Book Parknfly next time, they have shuttles going by me non stop.
Rohin Agrawal
1 2 3 4 5
When our flight landed the operator lady told us a shuttle bus would arrive in five minutes. Instead we waited almost half an hour before a shuttle bus arrived. To make matters worse, it was filled up and half my family were left waiting at the airport for the bus to to come back around as they only have one bus in operation, avoid at all costs.

There is also a toll free number on the receipt that no one picks up
Brett Rogers
1 2 3 4 5
Great service. I parked my truck here and received the royal treatment. I decided to get my truck detailed while I was away and when I returned, my truck was perfectly detailed. I've used Skypark many times before and would highly recommend them over other parking services out there. 10/10
Zelia Bester
1 2 3 4 5
Took 35 min to get picked up.

Lot is dirt and not cleaned up. Came to my cover with a bag of rotting food someone had left.

Zero customer service skills. They wouldn’t even put my bags in the trunk or open the doors. First and last time we will use them.
Stephen Askew
1 2 3 4 5
You get what you pay for. Dont risk parking here just pay a little more and park at the airport. Not worth the arbitrary fees they slap you with when you are coming off a 12 hour flight and are to tired to argue. I hope this review helps someone avoid my mistake.
1 2 3 4 5
No issues. Shuttle was ready and waiting to take me to the airport. No wait. Upon my return, the shuttle took about 10 mins. I found it odd that you pay when entering the lot instead of leaving.
Melanie Leon
1 2 3 4 5
It doesn't take 40+ minutes for the shuttle to drive to the airport, but the rude guy on the phone kept telling me it left (supposedly within 5 minutes of my call). It seems the shuttle never left when he said it did. It was a long, cold wait shivering in the morning chill.
Michelle Fevez
1 2 3 4 5
Love this service. Have been using them for well over 15 years. Very reliable and great service. Winter holidays end great when I pick up my car and it is cleaned off and warmed up for me. I highly recommend them to friends and family whenever I can. Kudos. You all work hard and it shows.
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