Fox Auto Parks (LAX)

Fox Auto Parks (LAX)

$15.50 / day
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12.2 miles from LAX
10121 Glasgow Placed , Los Angeles, CA, US



Fox Auto Parks - An Affordable Solution to LAX Parking

Looking for a place to park at Los Angeles International Airport? Fox Auto Parks is located at, 10121 Glasgow Placed, Los Angeles, CA, US, is a reliable and convenient parking facility that offers reserved parking at LAX Airport.

How far is Fox Auto Parks from Los Angeles International Airport? The parking facility is only 1.5 miles away from the Los Angeles International Airport.

Fox Auto Parks is a safe parking location given that it is well lit, gated and monitored 24/7.

Shuttle service is available 24/7 to Los Angeles International Airport.

Long Term Parking at Fox Auto Parks 

How much does it cost to park at Fox Auto Parks? Fox Auto Parks offers outdoor self park for $15.50 per day, outdoor valet parking for $15.99 per day and indoor valet parking fo $17.09 per day all plus taxes and fees.

How much does it cost to park at Fox Auto Parks for a week? Fox Auto Parks offers outdoor self park for $116.05 a week, outdoor valet parking for $119.74 a week and indoor valet parking for $127.77 a week all plus taxes and fees.

Fox Auto Parks Promo Codes and Coupons

Fox Auto Parks offers a Military discount for 5% off.

Reviews at Fox Auto Parks

About Los Angeles International Airport

The Los Angeles International Airport offers Garage parking.

P-1 is available for $40.00 per day and $280.00 a week.

P-2A is available for $40.00 per day and $280.00 a week.

P-2B is available for $40.00 per day and $280.00 a week.

P-3 is available for $40.00 per day and $280.00 a week.

P-4 is available for $40.00 per day and $280.00 a week.

P-5 is available for $40.00 per day and $280.00 a week.

P-6 is available for $40.00 per day and $280.00 a week.

P-7 is available for $40.00 per day and $280.00 a week.

Fox Auto Parks has been serving LAX airport parking customers since 2001 with Valet Service at Self Park Prices. They offer safe and secure parking with a professional team, ensuring a high quality service with complimentary luggage assistance to support you on your journey.

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Fox Auto Parks can accommodate most passenger cars, trucks and SUV’s. Add $1.50/day for compact and medium SUV’s and Minivans. Add $3.00/day for Full size SUV’s, and Med Trucks. Add $4.00/day for Full size Trucks and Passenger Vans. Add $5.00/day Over size, high roof, off-road Trucks and 12+ passenger Vans. Fox Auto Parks does not accept trailers, campers, RV’s, or dual and oversize axle vehicles. Additional charges for over-sized vehicles will be collected onsite.

10121 Glasgow Placed , Los Angeles, CA, US
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Fox Auto Parks (LAX)
1 2 3 4 5
10121 Glasgow Placed , Los Angeles, CA, US


  • Valet
  • Covered/Garage
  • Security
  • Wheelchair Access

Google Reviews

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(Based on 375 reviews)
M Moe
1 2 3 4 5
DUDE, WHERE'S My CAR! We flew in from Cabo on 091821 and it took 35 minutes for a shuttle to pick us us up from the airport. Once at the FOX parking lot and after paying our fee, they took 1 hour and 45 min. to locate our car. After searching for over an hour with no car in sight, I asked Manuel Gonzales the attendant to refund our fee and to assist in getting us a car rental so we can get home and he refused to do anything. He stated that he couldn't do anything and that there was no one he or I could talk to for further assistance. I was approached by another person and he asked me to calm down and step outside or else, which further displayed their lack of professionalism. I have attempted to contact the manager for two days and waited on line for over 40 minutes each time just so they can tell me he was not in. I have yet to hear back from the manager. If you value your time, I urge you to spend the extra $20 or $30 dollars and park at more well known locations such as Enterprise, Hertz or Value Park. At least you will know where your car is.
1 2 3 4 5

I had a reservation for this place to drop my car off and took these reviews lightly. When I got to parking area the first red flag was that the cars were packed like sardines. That and the line waiting to rent a car was very long held up by two customers who were very angry. The customer service rep didn't seem to even care and neither did her coworkers. Everything was just like the reviews you're reading now.

Pretty sure I dodged a headache and money lost. Save your money and look for a reliable place that can store your car while you're away. Future self will thank you.
Sylvia Walker
1 2 3 4 5
We had a great smooth trip but it came to a screeching halt with Fox. It took longer to get our car then it did to go through customs.

First of all they don’t tell you where to catch the shuttle so we went to the “parking shuttle pick up” area on the 2nd floor and after 20 minutes we called and received a recording. Had to text our info to a different number and the recording said to wait in the “rental shuttle” spot on the 1st floor. There we waited and waited for one hour!

Secondly, the Fox Shuttle arrives and it’s full, have to wait again for the next shuttle and tried calling but got a recording again. It finally showed up.

Other shuttles in the “parking shuttle pick up” area went through 2 or 3 times. I would not recommend Fox due to poor customer service.

Observing the situation, I’m going with Joe’s or Westin . They had several shuttles go through while waiting.

Now I’m stuck in traffic trying to get home
Jason Friedman
1 2 3 4 5
Waiting over 45 minutes for the shuttle. Nobody’s picking up the phone. I’m stranded here. Send food and water. Not sure if I’ll ever see my car again. I’ve seen Avis, hertz, dollar and national shuttles go by like 20 times. This place is a nightmare. I may die here.
Tina Biondo
1 2 3 4 5
I drove in and waited 1/2 hour fir my shuttle after waiting in line for an additional 30 minutes. I told them the key Fob didn’t work to lock or unlock the car and I didn’t want valet but they insisted. They left it unlocked the 4 days I was gone but when they went to get it and park it out front the driver locked every door from the inside and left. I have no way in my car and the people at the counter are yelling at me that they lock every car, and they cannot get me back in my car. They did not lock the car in the parking structure so this is clearly untrue. The manager told me he can’t do anything and walked away. The place is dirty and the bathroom lock is a twist tie. I would stay away. The picture with the zip tie is the lock on the bathroom door
Chris Ham
1 2 3 4 5
Its almost midnight, I have been waiting 35 minutes for the shuttle and one just passed by and didn't stop.

edit: I ended up waiting an hour for a shuttle. I understand that LAX is getting busier, but this increase in business was pretty easy to foresee and forecast. All the rental car companies had 3 shuttles to Fox's 1.
Erica Lusky
1 2 3 4 5
I was looking for something reasonably priced near LAX and stumbled upon Fox. Everyone was super nice and professional, and the shuttle came right on time which was a Lifesaver because I was running late. When I came back, checking out was easy and quick. The car was in perfect condition. Will totally park here again.
Marquette Corona
1 2 3 4 5
Great prices but must take into consideration they are not open 24 hrs to pick up or drop off your vehicle. Our plane had delays and we landed at LAX at 2am and were stranded. We had to drag someone out of bed to pick us up. Then had to go back to LAX area to pick up later that day.

Will consider paying a higher price next time to have our car available whenever we need it to be.
Josh Martin
1 2 3 4 5
Waited 43 minutes for shuttle upon return tonight Friday 6/11/21 starting at 9pm. They promise every 15-20 mins, so 43 is unacceptable. Price is right, but I think I’m-a pay the extra $10 next time to park somewhere more professional going forward. And honestly, coming to this review page and seeing that they’re likely running a catalytic converter theft operation out of here, I’m done.
Delara Cerda
1 2 3 4 5
I wouldn't recommend this lot to anyone! Horrible experience. I parked my vehicle there for 6 days and upon arrival we noticed the car was making loud noise. My husband looked under the vehicle and noticed the catalyst converter was stolen from our vehicle. We told the reception and he didn't seem to care. We demanded to speak to mgr. He wasn't there but we spoke to him on the phone. Basically we were told that they're not liable for theft or vandalism. We had our auto insurance take care of the matter but it was very frustrating and inconvenient. They're very rude, unprofessional and unapologetic. I don't recommend this place to anyone.
Keivan Sadrerafi
1 2 3 4 5
We waited and waited and waited some more. No shuttle. We called, no response. Terrible service. If you booked through and thought it was a 5 star service, look at the dates of the reviews. The last review was in 2017. They don't allow posting of new reviews.
David Rankin
1 2 3 4 5
My Prius was left under the care of Fox Auto Parks on 5/3/21. On 5/5/21 when I went to pick it up it was parked on the street. Someone had attempted to steal the catalytic converter, cutting the front off meaning the whole assembly must be replaced. The Toyota dealership has quoted over $3200 for the repair.

Fox Auto Parks has denied any responsibility and have yet to even refund the cost of parking. The production company I work with have used Fox Auto Parks for several years, my co workers witnessed my experience. The company will not be using Fox Auto Parks again.
briley opfel
1 2 3 4 5
We left our car here and upon picking it up it was literally missing pieces. Our catalytic converter was stolen completely off the car so we had to sit there for hours while our now totaled car was towed away and the workers were entirely unhelpful. Do not come here if you expect your car to remain in one piece.
julio aguirre
1 2 3 4 5
I was really impressed with the service here at Fox. I dropped off my car 1 day before my flight. Easy check in. The customer service associate gave me my receipt and it had all the information. Six days later my plane arrived in L.A.X. and I texted the number they gave me. I got my luggage and went to the rental car shuttle pickup I waited like 10 minutes and a shuttle arrived. When I arrived to Fox Parking my car was ready outside ready for me to pay and load up my luggage. I paid $71.60 for six days of parking and $5 tip to shuttle driver. I would definitely use Fox Auto Parking again.
Graham Root
1 2 3 4 5
If your flight lands anytime after 11:50pm, I would not recommend leaving your car here as they will not wait even 1 minute past 1am for you. Other than that, it’s not bad. 3/4 of the employees I interacted with were very nice. The fourth was a total a hole and really ruined my experience.. that’s why I’m giving 2 stars
Maura McDonald
1 2 3 4 5
They currently can’t find my car. The staff is not helping I just want to drive home. I landed and have been waiting and watching everyone come in after me leave before me. Don’t come here if you expect professional service.
Leland Black
1 2 3 4 5
Would not recommend. Shuttle did not pick me up at the airport late at night even after I called. This did not only happened to me but to several other customers that arrived late that night. I ended up having to sleep in the airport from 1:00 am until 5:00a until the shuttle came. When the shuttle did drop me off at Fox Auto Parks, the office wasn't even open, there was a line of people waiting to drop off their cars. It was a good hour later that I was able to pick up my car. Poor service, no communications and not organized.
Jacob Anderson
1 2 3 4 5
There are a few reviews of this place saying that their cars were robbed and driven around and some even said that they punctured their gas tank and stole their gas. We read this after we booked it and didn’t want to spend extra money for a different parking lot. We were gone for 4 days and our car was perfectly fine! I think the best thing about this place is the shuttles. They are very fast and they come frequently!
Danielle Davies
1 2 3 4 5
I highly do not recommend you use this place! I have used fox several times and never had any issues as long as everything at the airport runs as expected. However on 12/29/20 my flight was delayed several hours which resulted in a late arrival. My mother and I were assaulted outside of fox auto where my car was kept. The lack of customer service and protection here is alarming. There should be some kind of after hours pick up or something so that what happened to us doesn’t ever happen again. I called Luis Vargas the manager at this location to tell him what had happened to us. He is and was extremely unprofessional, and does not care about anything relating to this business or it’s customers. They are located in a bad area in LA and it is very dangerous after sun down. I saw no where on their website where it stated that they close at 1am and due to a delayed flight we had to get a cab there after landing at 2am. Before we even took off I had tried to make contact with fox but they never answered before take off. I have tried calling them during business hours and it is next to impossible to get anyone on the line. Luis is the manager and when I spoke to him he was really indifferent and could not be bothered with the issues I had with them. This is an unsafe parking lot and you cannot trust your belongings or well being at this location. I found this place through and there are many others in safe and secure locations nearby that are worth paying a little extra for piece of mind. Make sure you book ahead because they book out quickly. Beware Of this place!!!!
Jolene Torres
1 2 3 4 5
We have parked here at least 4 times and it's always an easy process in and out. I have only had great experiences. The prices are better for us than paying for a ride to and from the airport depending on the length of your stay. Super convenient! I see that they are going to start providing car wash services which I will totally take advantage of.
Lupe Ochoa
1 2 3 4 5
BEWARE!! Do not park here if you don't want to find your car damage. I file a report still waiting for answers.They move my car to another parking structure.My car was parked in a upper level and parked in reverse as you see the photo with arrow that's where the employee scratch my car. Then the employee that move my car from the parking structure to the pick up location open the middle console looking for something 🤔 I will post the outcome of their investigation. My dash camera was on at all times.

UPDATE: Got a respond by their staff by email declining my report. This facility has cameras inside out. I requested proof to show me that my car arrive scratch as they won't have any. Drop off my car in the morning pick up at night with a big scratch. Reported to the employee on site. He got a report for you to fill out and takes a 📷 at night.Your car gets inspected all around upon arrival so there was no scratches on my car. This facility is shady hidding stuff and this can be happening to other people. Please read their response.Will keep you updated. As I have video but can't post here only photos.
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